Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ebay and being anonymous

I was a busy little bee yesterday afternoon, taking photographs of all my items I'd like to try and sell on ebay.

Needless to say, photographing everything took a while and listing would have taken even longer...except, because I have never sold anything on ebay before, I was only allowed to list 10 items.

And I didn't realised until I'd already listed 5 scarves at 50c a piece...a little bit silly of me. At least I have already sold one item, someone bought a little jacket at the 'Buy It Now' price, my first ever ebay sale :-)

If anyone wants a scarf you can check out my ebay profile. Hoping to get 'verified' which will allow me to sell more items later this week. 

In other news, apparently SJ occasionally reads my blog. I told him it existed a few months ago but didn't give him the address, just before Christmas I was blogging more often from my computer and he said he knew I was 'Miss Directions' there went my anonymity...I told him not to read it unless he told me.

Thought that covered it, but he has just admitted that he's read it on more than one occasion to 'see what you're up to'. Uhoh. Looks like I can't talk about him anymore or he'll know I am...

By the rules of blogging and spouses, does this mean that now he's suppose to take all my outfit photographs for me?

PS. To all my regular readers/voguettes, if you see anything you like but don't want to bid on it, whatever I don't sell I will offer in the Free For All thread. I'm aiming to cull, not make money :-)


  1. yup I know the feeling. M found mine too. pretty early on actually..... annoying.

    1. Yeah, how can you vent when they're checking up on you? lol. At least I don't have to be secretive about typing posts on the couch anymore. And it is amusing when I take a photo and he asks 'you only took that for your blog, didn't you?'

  2. I would love it if the bf took more of an interest in my blog! I eventually want to rope him into taking outfit shots, got to break it to him slowly though :) and it's sooo cute that you gave away your free-for-all secret! I hope it all sells xxx

    1. I just want to get rid of it before I change my mind and try to squeeze some of it back into the wardrobe lol. A few things (like shoes I paid more than $100 for and have never worn) I'd like to get something for, but if it goes, I won't complain too much.

      Having someone to take outfit shots would make it so much easier and you'd feel less stupid posing for yourself. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.

  3. Replies
    1. What size are you Ling? I have 3 pairs (red, brown and black) in the same style, they are rather 'cheap' shoes and in the shop I thought they were comfortable to walk in. Then I wore the black pair and had to lug a suitcase up 2 flights of stairs and the boots don't feel the same anymore. I am considering keeping them if they don't sell as 'costume' type wear, but I know I'm not likely to wear them often.

  4. The Man knows I used to blog in a former life, and, given his propensity for Googling people, I wouldn't be surprised if he's found Mummy In Progress too...
    He doesn't mention it.
    I always assume he's reading anything that I write, but I also feel that he's respectful of my views, opinions and experiences and he knows that blogging is an outlet for me and anything he reads comes from a place of honesty.

  5. Nobody knows that I blog. Don't know why. Bit weird just coming out and telling people about it maybe? He should defs be up for taking your pics if he's reading.

    TDM xx

  6. I gave my bf my URL before we dated when I felt comfortable enough to, just because he was a close friend that I really trusted. I've only ever gotten him to take one outfit photo for me since then, but he knows that if I want some photos and he's there, he's my designated photographer! xD