Sunday, January 8, 2012

Western Plains Zoo

As promised, here are my 'good' photos from our day at the zoo. Still not feeling great and hating that I have to go back to work tomorrow. I literally haven't unpacked my bags from my trip, at least I know I bought new work clothes in the Boxing Day Sales so I will just go and find some of them to wear tomorrow and worry about the mess later...Oh and to make myself feel better, right now I have my feet soaking in a tub of warm water. Giving myself a pedicure is a lot more important than unpacking, right?
Let me introduce you to Stripes. At least I'm sure that's his name.
And a few members of Stripes' family. The Zebras were one of my favourites, I think mostly because I loved the purple flowers in their paddock, made them very picturesque. 
A few White Rhinos, interestingly not called 'White' because they are white but because it is a mistranslation of the Dutch word 'wijd' for wide, and refers to their square upper lip.
This is a Black Rhino only called so to distinguish it from the White Rhino, they're actually very similar in colour and the biggest difference is in their upper lips (this one is more hooked lipped if you care).
The best Giraffe photo I could manage. My favourite animal actually so I have plenty of photographs from various zoos of giraffes. I may have to follow this post with ones from the Melbourne Zoo, Adelaide Zoo and Taronga Zoo. Giraffes are much closer there...
Some of the Eland herd.
One of the Hippos. He was about to be fed, only reason to get out of the water on such a hot day (have better photos from Adelaide Zoo).
African Elephant, again I have some great photos of Elephants from Melbourne Zoo.
Cheetah. Hiding in a pipe, I have about 10 photos just showing the top of her head through the grass...
Sumatran Tiger chewing on a bone the size of my leg.
Water Buffalo (I think).
Lioness. Stalking around waiting for the exhibit to close. It's quite entertaining to be at a zoo at closing time (we've visited Melbourne Zoo a few times just before closing), all the animals know that it's the end of the day and their job is done. They stalk the keepers door waiting to be let out of their enclosures.
Addax. Not a care in the world.
Galapagos Tortoise, taken during the keeper talk. You would have though that he was looking up thinking 'Who, Me?' except they move so slowly he might be reacting to the keeper talk from the day before.

I have lots of ideas for other posts now, I think I should post about past trips I have been on. Too many photos stored on my computer that I really should share.

Hope you enjoy them :-)


  1. Looks like it was a fun trip! I haven't been to Dubbo Zoo since 1996. And the giraffes at Canberra Zoo are INSANELY close! You can feed them for an extra fee - it's pretty cool :)

    I'll have to remember that tip about going near closing time!!

  2. Awesome pictures! :)

    And definitely yes to the pedicure. Unpacking can wait. Although, maybe don't take my advice. I'm still living out of boxes after my last move, and that was a year ago!