Thursday, January 12, 2012

On Ya' Bike

I got back on my bike for the first time in 4 months today. Tomorrow is actually the 4 month anniversary of my elbow dislocation. I know they say it's 'like riding a bike' and you never forget, but it felt so weird. Firstly, in order to ride my arm is extended as far as it currently goes, so it hurt a bit. I also had traditional pedals on it again (rather than clipless) and rather than make me feel more stable (knowing I could my foot down quickly) I actually felt like my feet might slip off. I won't be riding with them on for long before I go back to proper ones and my cycling shoes. I'm going to try and ride a little more this weekend, I need to build up my confidence, before hopefully getting back into riding to work next week.

The reason?

At the moment, the road in front of our apartment building looks like this...
The road is completely closed to cars (except local driveway access) at the moment and as a result traffic in the area is shocking. Driving to work hasn't been a viable option. It reopens next week but not completely.
A sort of outfit picture. Today I wore the same black pants as yesterday, black patent shoes and this Polo Sport jumper. Changed earrings to my big rose gold hoops and my necklace is a tri-gold of little frangipanis (from Hawaii).
And last night's rice paper rolls. We ate in front of the TV because we almost always do. Bad I know but we talk a lot still so I don't think it matters much. Tonight SJ has cooked a chicken roast roll, he's serving it up and about to bring it to me right now :-)

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