Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Don't you just love postcards? I mentioned a few months ago that I joined Postcrossing where you send postcards to random strangers and get postcards from other random strangers in return.  Well I have received 8 postcards so far and thought I'd show you them all before explaining the massive stack of postcards shown in my first pic.

So why the big stack of Europe postcards?

Well during my travels in Europe (this time 4 years ago) I collected postcards thinking I would use them for scrapbooking. I never did. As part of my desire to decluttler I knew I should get rid of them at some point. I pulled out a few extra special ones (like one with a shard of the Berlin Wall attached) but still had about 100 remaining.

Now for the sad part, one of my best friends has had health issue constantly for the last year. She was feeling sick and tired all the time and no one knew what was going. She was hospitalised for a few days (in the oncology ward!) but it wasn't cancer, they discovered that she wasn't producing enough red blood cells and the ones she did produce weren't doing their job. So after regular blood transfusions, they have decided to try a bone marrow transplant. Which means she'll be undergoing chemotherapy to kill her existing marrow and will be in hospital for 6 weeks. Now it's not as terrible as it sounds (it's not cancer after all) but it would still suck. I feel terribly guilty that I'm not going to be around, living in Melbourne and dating SJ have meant she hasn't had as much of my time as she did in uni days, so to relieve my guilt, I'm going to send her my postcards :-)

She has informed me that the day she starts chemo will be Day 0, with the doctors expecting her to be back to normal (or not but let's not think of that) at Day 100. So 100 postcards, 100 days.
The postcards are from the UK, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Amsterdam and U.A.E (Dubai). I was going to send them in the order I travelled, but that would mean sending 5 pictures of the Burj Al Arab at the end and I figured that was boring :-P

Day 0 for my friend was originally going to be Jan 11th, but after a suspected tooth abscess was found and removed she has to wait for it to heal. Day 0 is now February 3.

If anyone has any other ideas or tips of things to send someone in hospital (and germ-free isolation), please let me know.

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  1. You are such a nice friend for doing this! I love the idea. I haven't been in hospital since I was born but If I was in hospital I'd want books, movies and colouring in books :)