Friday, January 20, 2012


Behold my shoe collection.

Now I see it represented like that it really doesn't look like I own enough pairs, does it?

I have to admit that I own another 10 pairs or so that I left back in Brisbane, like a great pair and the silk dress I wear with them to a lot of weddings. All of which I attend in Brisbane, makes sense to leave it there. And a few pairs that I couldn't bare to part with in my last cull but didn't really need in Melbourne. Oh and a few costume pairs like knee high vinyl white platform boots...

I should also admit that while there are 10 pairs in the cull pile on the spare bed, there is a chance some of them may make it back to my wardrobe. Others are in that pile because I need to replace them.

For example, have you noticed the glaring lack of black peep-toes? They are first on my list. I'd also like a lower heeled nude platform. And some statement shoes.

I also don't really own a pair of flats. I have never found ones that work for me, I'm have toes that look silly with them plus I'm short, pear-shaped and I have c-ankles. So if any one knows of any I should try, let me know.

Oh and before you think I am crazy for taking individual photographs of my shoes. I'm not, I had a reason.

I'm printing the photographs (half size) so I can stick them to the fronts of my shoe boxes. I hate having to pull the boxes out to remember what it is them now they are stored in the very top of my wardrobe.

Yeah okay, maybe I am crazy.


  1. Oh I have always wanted to do that ! Stick photos on the front and store them away! You have inspired me for when I move out !

    1. The trick now will be making sure I take photos of any new shoes I acquire.

  2. Impressive!!
    I live in thongs so I find it amazing that you get around in heels everyday!
    Thanks for following my blog.

    1. Well heels to work, thongs on weekends. Coming from QLD I never needed anything else. I have gold leather type thongs for when I need to 'dress it up'. I do need some flats for wearing with weekend dresses when it starts to get cooler though.

      And you're welcome :-)

  3. What a great idea! A what a great sticky peep at your shoes too! Your idea is now on my rather long 'to do' list!
    x KL

    1. So far it has worked really well, glad I finally got around to it! Has been on my 'to do' list for years too!