Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do I win the Best Girlfriend award?

First, my attempt at an outfit post. Today I wore black work pants (Target), a red Guess jumper, a Burberry print scarf (souvenir from Scotland) and cream/black Giovanna heels. My french fingernails and OPI 'Tickle My France-y' toenails I painted on the weekend, sort of my go-to nails. And wearing some of my simple gold jewellrey. Nothing too exciting.

So why am I the best girlfriend?

Not only do I pay for all of SJ's day-to-day expenses (he's still unemployed, remember? and running out of savings fast...), I also allow him to cook for me every night and do my washing. Plus I'm just awesome to be around.

All of that and I am now paying for him to have a holiday. Without me. With riding friends.

Did I mention I am awesome?

For all those not forced to understand cycling because they live with a bike fanatic, the Tour Down Under kicks off in Adelaide next weekend. It is basically Australia's version of the Tour De France, just not as big a deal. Lasts for a week and each stage starts/finishes near Adelaide.

SJ went last year with some cycling mates but didn't plan on it this year due to his financial situation. One of the group has pulled out last minute though and I've decided to send him along at my expense. He hasn't been dealing well with unemployment lately, hates having no money and the restrictions that places on his/our lifestyle. He also wants to spoil me and has never had the chance.

Instead, I get to spoil him. Will stretch the budget a little over the next month (it hasn't recovered from Christmas) but I know how happy it will make him. He intends to pay me back anyway...eventually.

He's also just informed me he's making me rice paper rolls tonight, one of my favourites!


  1. Oh I really feel for SJ, I've been in that situation before and I hated it. You are an awesome girlfriend!

    Awesome work on the outfit post too! Looks great!

  2. That's so nice of you! I can imagine how hard being unemployed must be on him.

    And getting rice paper rolls in return is pretty good! ;)

  3. That boy is spoilttttt! :)

    Poor thing though. Hopefully he manages to get back on his feet soon, and can spoil you just as much as you deserve too!