Wednesday, January 25, 2012

J'adore rouge

I love red. As a colour it inspires a feeling that others can't manage. As far as my wardrobe goes, I generally stick to neutrals (except summer dresses) but I have quite a few red pieces even though with my colourings I should really stick with the blue items I have instead.

Yesterday's outfit. A red/black/white satin top (Target) and black Portmans skirt, with my red to black patent shoes.
I really like the neckline and material flower at the top of this top (pic doesn't show it well I admit).
Today I am wearing the same shoes with long dark grey pants (it's colder today)...
And a plain red satin top. Excuse the bathroom photos, there was no sun at lunch so I didn't go outside and when I leave work today I will be in exercise gear to make my 4km walk home a little easier.
Today's jewellery, a gold bangle (with a greek style detail cutout), the only ring I ever wear on an index finger (5 little stones, SDEDR) and a venetian glass bracelet.
My hair looks like this. Basically a 'topsy turvy' pony tail, remember them? Except I find them messy, so I pull some hair back from each side (not quite a half up/half down) flip that inside out and then make a ponytail. Stays up all day that way :-)
And here is my bracelet again, also showing the bruise I have on the palm of my hand. I got it this morning after smacking the boot cover trying to remove it (hard to explain) hurt a lot and my vein was bright blue and all popped up. Now it is a mix of purple and black and it hurts to use the mouse. Lucky tomorrow is a mini-weekend :-)

Oh and as I suspected yesterday, this evening's plans have changed. SJ has a cousin in town so they are now coming over for dinner (always works out cheaper for us than going out), we're still having cannelloni but as a side dish to a mini roast or something SJ decided on. Means I have to leave work a little early today (intending to walk home after all) so I can shower and clean up a bit before they get there...


  1. Hi Miss D, sorry about the 'other blogger' title! I remembered reading the food combination but couldn't remember where so I couldn't find it and properly credit you! But I've fixed it now, all good.

    Thanks for answering my questions! I'm also a shoes person, but I almost loathe BBT so we don't have that in common, haha! :)

    1. By the way, I too love red accessories! They just make for such lovely bright pops of colour.

    2. No worries, I just found it funny as I read it :-)

      And BBT is amusing because I have a lot of geeky guy friends who remind me of the characters.

  2. Replies
    1. Me too :-) Should post some updated pics of my apartment, splashes of red :-)

  3. Replies
    1. It sits so nicely too. Wish I'd also got the grey/black/white versions :-(