Thursday, January 19, 2012

TAG! You're It!

Nat from In The Night Sky has tagged me in this game of blog TAG! You're It!.  Time to get to know each other (or me at least) a little bit better.

I haven't really had much time to think of my own questions, but realised I don't have much else to post about today. Going to force myself to attend Bikram Yoga tonight though even after my first session back with my PT yesterday has killed me (literally, I am a ghost writer now).

I also worry about doing these things and tagging people who don't want to be tagged. Particularly when you have to tag so many! Please writers of these silly things, I know they're all about increasing your blog traffic but can we just tag 2 people? When you get it from someone they've already tagged a huge chunck of your blogroll...Also hard when you know the more cult blogger types (you know who I mean) wouldn't respond anyway.

First Things First, The Rules:
  1. You must post the rules.
  2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
  3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
  4. Tag eleven people and link them on your post
  5. Let them know you've tagged them!
Not sure why the magic number is 11, maybe it was started early in 2011 or something. Anyway, I think I will be breaking those rules as I'm not sure I'm that creative.

Eleven Fun Facts About Me:  

     1.  My real name is Ashleigh
     2.  I have debated whether to disclose that on this blog but have decided that it's a common name and I am being a coward.
     3.  I have 3 younger sisters (previously revealed on this blog) and the next in line (MissE) has given me nicknames over the years which have included Smashleigh and Trashleigh. My family has also called be Pash.
     4.  I have strawberry blonde hair and hate that the description sounds prettier than it actually looks.
     5.  Two of my sisters (MissE and MissC) have shades of red hair as well and matching pale skin. MissT is a dark blonde with naturally olive skin. In primary school, MissE and MissT tricked their friends into thinking MissT was adopted from Ethiopia.
     6.  SJ has two older brothers and I'm terrified that (when the time is right) I will end up with all sons and not know what to do with them.
     7.  I have moved house 13 times.
     8.  I was dux in Grade 7, it's been all downhill since then.
     9.  I could waste hours doing something mindless like colouring in Paint one pixel at a time.
   10.  I've recently realised that most of the dresses I own cost me less than what my hair cut/colours used to (stopped dying my hair a few years ago).
    11.  I know every word to The Sound of Music. SJ has never even seen it.

Okay, my facts aren't that fun but at least I managed 11! Now onto the questions...

Questions From Nat :

     1.  How do you get to work? - At the moment I'm driving, intend to be back riding very soon!

     2.  Are you a shower or a bath person? - Shower. Was such a priveledge to grow up enough to have one (and stop sharing baths with younger sisters) I've never preferred a bath. Unless I have a good book of course...
     3.  What is your favourite drink (either Alcoholic or non)? - Hmmm. I don't drink soft drink so my guilty pleasure is the red VitaminWater. Except they only seem to make it in LowCalorie now so I've given up on it.
     4.  Do you like your name? If not, what would you change it to? See? This is why I had to say what my name was. I do like my name, I also like my two middle names. My mother was very creative, they rhyme with my sisters' ones. Don't feel comfortable saying what they all are, but if you're curious I will tell you (email me).
     5.  What is your favourite city or country? After my travels in Europe 4 years ago, I would have said Rome, London or Prague. My favourite country however, is and always will be Australia. You can get everything here if you look hard enough.
     6.  Are you a summer or winter person? I'm a QLD girl, so definitely summer. Didn't mind my first Melbourne Winter though, fashion is more fun in winter.
     7.  What would be your dream job? Event planner, motivational speaker or one of those people who goes to schools and shows them cool science stuff.
     8.  What is your favourite movie? Of all time? Probably Clueless. Also a big fan of Love Actually. How uncultured do I sound :-)
     9.  Have you ever done something crazy for love? Does moving to Melbourne count? Since originally it was SJ who wanted to move here to get a job. Shame he hasn't yet.
   10.  Are you an early bird or a night owl? Definitely a night owl. Always have been.
    11.  Do you like the colour of your bathroom? I do actually. We're renting so there's not much choice there, but it's neutral with small brown glass tile features. Not my dream bathroom though obviously.

If I haven't tagged you and you wish I had, please feel free to do this anyway and leave a comment on this post (or make the comment your question responses) saying so I will make sure you're the top of my list in future :-) This feels like spamming people... 

I am tagging :  
Ballet Flats - Not My Only Shoes (Congratulations again on the blogiversay)
Sammie - Marriage & Motherhood & Renovations 
The Passionate Shopper

Questions For My Lovely Eleven:

     1.  What is your worst shoe-wearing experience?
     2.  Have you ever received a love letter (not email, the true old fashioned kind)?
     3.  Have you ever embarrassed yourself running for a bus/train/tram?
     4.  Do you prefer Barbie or Lego?
     5.  If someone offered to pay you to enjoy a hobby for the rest of your life, what would it be?
     6.  If you had to go on a sudden holiday to an unknown destination and had 5 minutes to pack, what would you be sure to grab?
     7.  What subject did you secretly love (if any) at school?
     8.  How long can you hold your breath for? (Timer)
     9.  Is there a recurring theme to your dreams/nightmares?
    10.  What did you want to be when you grew up?
    11.  Do you pick the red pill or the blue pill?

Phew. That was more exhausting than I expected. Or maybe it's still that I'm so tired from PT. Oh well, off to Bikram Yoga again now...


  1. I know nadz, I answered your questions in the comments too :-)

  2. YAY! Thanks for the tag! I'll do this soon when I have a moment to think about the answers properly! :) xx

  3. PS - Is it silly I'm excited that I can put a name to your blog identity? :) Ashleigh is a lovely name! Would love to know what your middle names/sister's are! xx

  4. I am going to give yours a shot Ashleigh...
    1. What is your worst shoe-wearing experience? My Yr 12 formal night. I was wearing strappy black shoes with thin heel. It had been raining a few hours before. We had to walk across a grassy park. I kept sinking into the grass and subsequently had to be carried by my date.
    2. Have you ever recieved a love letter (not email, the true old fashioned kind)? No. But my before in highschool broke up with me through a letter. Sad but true.
    3. Have you ever embarassed yourself running for a bus/train/tram? Yes it was a bus. The driver promptly shut the door in my face and drove off. That was kinda embarassing in front of a full bus.
    4. Do you prefer Barbie or Lego? Lego. I played it all the time with my younger brother when we were kids.
    5. If someone offered to pay you to enjoy a hobby for the rest of your life, what would it be? Painting
    6. If you had to go on a sudden holiday to an unknown destination and had 5 minutes to pack, what would you be sure to grab? Camera
    7. What subject did you secretly love (if any) at school? Modern history
    8. How long can you hold your breath for? (Timer)I am guessing maybe a minute?
    9. Is there a recurring theme to your dreams/nightmares? Naked in a public place. I am sure that has a meaning. I must look it up.
    10. What did you want to be when you grew up? Air steward
    11. Do you pick the red pill or the blue pill? Lets go painful truth. Red

    1. Thanks Klara, I think you're the first to opt for the red pill too. I agree, always prefer the truth!

  5. I know it looks daunting but the answers are such fun to read. Loved knowing more Ashleigh. (Love the name too, as one of my daughter's share it with you. along with Smashleigh!) I think your questions are very creative too! Love 'em!
    x KL

  6. Say hello to your daughter for me, she does have a good name :-)