Sunday, January 15, 2012

Starting My Cull

I skipped yoga today. Bad I know but I will go tomorrow, I felt like I was still recovering. And though going would probably have been the best thing for it, I just didn't.

I went shopping this morning, groceries and a wander around the shops in Moonee Ponds. It has such a cute little shopping strip, and much cleaner than most of Melbourne. I bought some 1000 hour eyelash dye and a Nads eyebrow wax wand to try out later this week. Normally pay to get them done but I thought I'd give it a go.

Then I pulled out all my clothes and shoes and started culling. Haven't gotten very far, but I figure by pulling it all out I will have to deal with it before SJ gets home one way or another.

Actually looking forward to giving stuff away, going to be ruthless!


  1. How's it all going with the cull?

    I started this once ages ago, and I'm ashamed to say all my clothes are still in scattered piles all over! I think if he trips over another dress on the floor, Liam is going to murder me.

  2. I am starting to have anxiety just looking at the picture. My own wardrobe needs some culling.