Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Tidy Wardrobe

All my work clothes.

Shirts that finally fit in my drawer. Have 2 more drawers with shirts, skirts. shorts and jeans in them. Forgot to take photographs though...
And finally my shoes, with all their photos on them. Quite happy with how they turned out.

Now I just need SJ to get a job so I can do some more shopping to fill in the gaps!


  1. Your wardrobe is looking amazing! Well done! Want to come and do mine? hehe xx

  2. Hee hee - my Mum hates it, but I fold my shirts that go in drawers the same way! I think I might tackle my wardrobe and drawers next in my Proper Decluttering Journey of 2012 - your clothes look amazing in their proper place!

    1. Does she fold them department store style? I'd love to but I have so many singlets and shirts that just wouldn't work like that. Oh well, so long as the fit in the drawer and I can find what I'm looking for!

  3. This looks fantastic!!! I'm jealous. My wardrobe is an ongoing slooooow process...

  4. Hi Honey!

    I do read the VF's but I find the women on there can be very... full on at times so don't post often. That's a good idea to suggest the books in advance a little bit more... the next one will be The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht! You're the first to know!!!

    Room only took me a day to read.. it's heavy but a quick read.. I hope, hope, hope you can read it and join in!!