Monday, January 30, 2012

Umbrellas in the Sunshine

Kind of sums up Melbourne doesn't it.

I caught the train in this morning and it was drizzling, also changed my shoes before I left after realising how much water was around (not a good day for fabric covered shoes). Went to the post office and thought I was going to get wet again, so I bought a new umbrella. Only have 1 between SJ and I and it's a large, Da Vinci one my parents bought me in Italy. Not an everyday umbrella.

Do you like it? This is me modelling it at lunch. I brought my 'good' camera to work today, it's a Canon 50D and I had my cheap little 50mm lens attached. Great lens for fun photographs and making the camera super light (hence the ability to carry it in my handbag) not easy for self portraits though. You need to get a fair distance from the lens.

This shot is blurry, I am well aware of that. Using the self-timer makes focusing different. I fixed the issue and took another shot but I hate how my chin looks in it. Kind of like the anonymous blurry look though...
This was me having fun with my umbrella. I would have looked like an idiot to anyone else in Flagstaff Gardens. Though I think most of them were too busy exercising and running up and down stairs to watch me. I did feel like an idiot buying an umbrella at 9am and photographing it in the bright sunshine at 1pm though!
My attempts at an outfit post in the park failed dismally. These are my shoes though :-) I wear these ones a lot because they are super comfortable, I can easily walk 2kms in them before I remember I am wearing heels.
NOTD, or more likely, nails of the week. With my token left-hand jewellry for the day. Couldn't take any photos of my right hand, my left arm struggled to get that far from the camera (that's my bad arm) there was no way my left could handle holding up the camera for my right!
My 'CLAW' shot (credit to Ling). The nail polish is a cheap one, Cutex Quick'n'Go in Quick Set Coral. Apparently dries in 45 seconds, I didn't believe it and attempt to touch them that quickly though.
Managed a better outfit post in a more 'urban' environment (means more things to put the camera on). I'm just wearing a black work shirt and pants today, nothing too flash.
And this is the breakfast SJ cooked up for me yesterday. Oh how I love Sundays, only 6 more days til the next one!


  1. i like your umbrella, very cute! :)

    it was raining here in los angeles a few days ago too, and then the next day it was hot like summer... weather is crazy, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. Cute umbrella and I love your OOTD and NOTW :)

  3. You can walk 2ks in heels??!! Go girl!
    Those pancakes look delicious!

  4. I really love your umbrella! And yes, more "claw" across the interweb!!!

  5. Cute umbrella! What brand is it?

    Your Sunday breakfast looks lovely! x

  6. ooo this reminds me that I need a new umbrella! hehe crazy Melbourne weather, and that breakfast looks delish! xx