Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Bikram Yoga Class, Done!

I dropped SJ at the airport for 6:30am this morning then made my way to my first Bikram Yoga class. Before I get into that though, I'm sure you'll all appreciate seeing the goodies I bought for myself in preparation yesterday. Thanks to a recommendation from The Etail Queen I visited Lululemon on Bourke Street.

I bought a brand new yoga mat (and strap). Not that I had an old one having never practiced yoga before. I probably could have hired one but the thought seemed a bit icky.  The pink straps are so NOT me, I don't really do pink, but...
I really liked this tank and they only had it in pink or one with a full lilac front (also not me), so I decided to embrace the pink and make it my new yoga colour.
Which meant I had to get the matching shorts...
...and clever slipless headband. The bonus is that this thing works! I never wear headbands thanks to my funny shaped head, they always slide back and end up 'popping' off.
And a fancy skidless yogitoes towel which is only available in black on the website but they had at least 6 different colours in store.

On the other hand, that tank and shorts are available in a lot of different colours and patterns on the website but only a few instore, now I know my size it will be hard not to buy back up outfits. Particularly when I"m going to try and head to Bikram Yoga a lot.

Okay, maybe not a lot but most of the days this week anyway, gives me something to do while SJ is away.

So my first session...

THE HEAT - wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. More just that feeling I get if I get a bit too close to a campfire and need to turn away for some fresh air. Maybe it's growing up in Queensland.  I adjusted to the heat by the second half of the class, that's not to say I didn't sweat (watching it drip onto my towel was a bit gross).

DRINKING WATER - I was really good yesterday and drank more than 2 litres, then because I was up for 2 hours before my class I managed another half a litre and a glass of orange juice (since I knew I shouldn't eat). I didn't feel dehydrated or thirsty at all during the class, I ended up drinking less than half of the tiny drink bottle I took in. And only because I felt like I should for some reason.

THE POSES - Definitely the hard part. I struggled any time I had to hold my hands above my head for more than 30 seconds. It made me dizzy and my elbow hurt and I will have to try and be less of a wuss tomorrow and fight through it a bit harder. I definitely like the floor series more than the standing series, I felt more flexible on the floor for whatever reason. Which I suppose will be motivating knowing that the class gets easier from then.

THE AFTERMATH - I feel tired. I walked out of class feeling okay and made it home, waited a little then showered and had breakfast and sat down to read...and fell asleep. I'm not sure if I made things worse for myself getting up at 5:30 this morning after not getting to sleep after midnight, or if it just made me tired. I also have a headache and my teeth ache, like I get after a day at the beach. I have been trying to drink a lot of water today but I know I haven't had as much as I need, so that won't have helped. My options for tomorrow are the 9:30am and 4:00pm classes, I'll probably go for the afternoon one (so I can get something done this weekend)...hopefully I don't get too lazy...


  1. I was considering doing Bikram! (Or at least trying it) How much yoga exp would you recommend having before trying it?

    1. Well considering my 2nd Bikram Yoga class yesterday was my 3rd yoga class ever...

      Not a lot! If you have no experience (like me) you're told when you should and shouldn't be exerting yourself. And everyone has their own different natural level of flexibilty anyway.

      You should at least try it, almost every place I've heard of has a 10 day $19-20 pass.