Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Reasons Why I Need Bikram Yoga

Okay, so maybe NEED is a strong word to be using, 'should try' is probably better.

My personal trainer recommended Bikram to me a few weeks before Christmas so I've been seriously thinking about it.

#1 - Breathing

Perhaps my biggest issue with any workout that I do, is that I forget to breathe. You'd think since it's so fundamental to living I'd be more used to it by now, nope, even when I'm not working out I frequently hold my breath for no real reason. All yoga teaches you to breathe.

#2 - Learning to calm my mind

So I hold my breath while thinking rapidly. Not a good combination. I need to learn to relax and focus on doing one thing at a time. Even today at lunch, I read a few Bikram yoga articles and kept flicking to new tabs to google things and half reading other articles. Must focus.

#3 - Flexibility, posture and knowing my body

My trainer has already helped me so much with this, I am more aware of the position of my hips now and how weak they are (and how bad my posture was - may post on this at some point). Again, any yoga would be good for this.

#4 - My elbow

It's still not where I would like it to be, I have about 150 degrees of movement in it. That means I still can't straighten it. Any stretching will help it but the heat during Bikram will make stretching it easier.

#5 - Improving my circulation

It sucks. My fingers and toes get cold all the time, yet I frequently overheat (particularly in bed). SJ thinks I am missing my thermostat. The heat in Bikram should improve that.

So why haven't I tried it before?

#1 - Yoga bores me

I think too much and would alwayd prefer something more active. Like kickboxing. Except, without full extension I can't punch and I can't do proper pushups (though I can do 5 on my knees now!). So no kickboxing.

#2 - Isn't #1 enough?. I hate sweating, does that count? Bikram is all about sweat.

I have discovered there is a Bikram Yoga place only 1km up the road from my place. Guess I don't have many excuses.

Will join soon, they have a 10 days for $19 deal. Seems silly to start that while I'm sick...


  1. Ya know, Bikram yoga was really good. But my goodness I felt like I died and was reborn after. I know it really really helps with flexibility but as it is so hard to go to, I find it very hard to motivate myself to go!

  2. Bikram is really good! Once you get into you'll love it!!

  3. One of my friends recommended I try Bikram, but I don't have time in between my other gym classes. I like them too much to give them up! You'll have to let me know what it's like when you try it :)