Sunday, January 22, 2012

My weekend so far...

This was my outfit to work on Friday, a vintage Bonds T my mum wore in the 70s. The words say 'Touch of Class'. I tried to tweet this picture (I can only tweet via email from my phone) but for some reason it's not working.
I walked passed this on Friday and didn't buy anything!
Caught up with a friend from Brisbane at Ponyfish Island for her 'farewell' drinks, she moved back to Brisbane yesterday after living here for 3 years. Went to dinner in Chinatown afterwards.

Caught up with other friends to see ' The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'...I haven't read the books and didn't have high expectations of the movie, it was better than I expected but I think I'd prefer the Swedish one. 
Had dinner in a mexican place and then went to the Soda Rock Diner for an ice-cream sundae.  Attempted to upload these pics via email last night, but again, my phone is misbehaving!
Table juke box controller. Very cool.
Honeycomb Sundae. Yum.
And the waitresses dance! Would be a cute place to start a girl's night out or a first date or something. Think I will have to go back there with SJ to eat. Will dress the part next time too, shame I don't own a poodle skirt...


  1. Replies
    1. Yes my weeekend was focused a little on food. I figure it's like the 80/20 rule if I only eat bad on weekends...right?

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! Lots of yummy food too :)

    Happy Monday now though :( lol

    1. You're wrong Cat, Mondays are never Happy.

      Only 3 days til a public holiday though!