Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I've been riding to work rather frequently, so much that my rear end is getting used to it. Sadly, I won't be riding for at least a week. As you can see from my lovely picture, I dislocated my elbow. Managed to fall off my bike in a very embarassing way, was on the flat, wasn't going fast, veered of the path onto thick grass. The bike stopped and I didn't. Now a normal person would get a few grazes/bruises and get back on the bike and go to work. I'm just special.

Hurt like hell when I tried to move, I remember hearing something go as I fell on it. I've never broken bones before, so I assumed that's what I'd done. A nice fellow cyclist stopped and helped me, got my phone out and rang both SJ and an ambulance, then stayed until both arrived.

Spent most of the day in hospital, having x-rays and getting it popped back in. Poor SJ coped pretty well except at one point after the painkillers wore off and I sobbed with every breath it hurt so much. He looked pained to see me hurting so badly.

Once it got popped back in (after more painkillers and a very strong sedative) and put in a cast, I was allowed to come home. No fractures, but I have torn some ligaments and have muscle damage. Have good drugs and a doctor's certificate recommending a week off work.

It's been a big day.

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