Thursday, February 23, 2012

You've Got Mail.

I have mentioned before how much I LOVE mailboxes, particularly when they are all in a cute line like this. Had to drive up to almost the border of NSW for a meeting to day, these little guys brightened my trip. I am that sad.

There are 35 of them by the way. I think that's a personal record for the most I've seen at once :-)

Anyone else love something a little unusual?


  1. I just awarded your blog with a versatile blogger award!

  2. I have a small obsession with taking photos of dead trees. I could hold half a dozen exhibitions with the number of photos on my hard drive in which dead trees are the subject... The mailboxes are fun - like little soldiers all lined up!

    1. OMG. Me too! Forgot about that one, trees without leaves I call them...SJ says 'dead trees' lol. Will have to search my collection to share some :-)

  3. I'm a nut for good commercials and packaging, but also I really love glow in the dark stars! I don't know what it is about them, but I love them far too much...

  4. Wow, thats absolutely awesome. There's something about mailboxes that makes me smile :)

  5. They look so cute! I have never seen mailboxes lined up like that.

  6. I miss mail boxes! We don't have them here in Vanuatu. Sadly, we only have PO boxes.
    It used to be so exciting checking the mail box after the post man had been!