Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why I am in Brisbane...

I am going to make this as short as possible. I wrote a post on my phone last night but it didn't send and my phone has swallowed it up. HATE that.

I have read the comments everyone made on my last post, appreciate them all and though I can't really reply individually I will try to include general responses now.

First, the important stuff...SJ didn't hear anything back yesterday. Still hopeful that it was just because the guy was busy, so keep your fingers crossed for Monday.

Yesterday, flight went well, ran into a colleague heading off on a holiday to Noosa for the weekend...would have loved to switch with her!

Surprised my mother when I got into town, she has a job that involves patrols so I knew I'd catch her. Had to get one of her colleagues to call her to a location where I was waiting though, she was so excited and glad to see me, she cried :-) The extra there is that my parents and MissC are heading to the US on Friday for a holiday and when I come back up for a wedding in two weeks she won't see we wouldn't cross paths again until late March. She misses me if she doesn't see me in a week and having not seen me since New Year...well she was happy at least.

Then I went straight up to work, where I was reasonably busy until 8pm when MissT drove all the way in to pick me up (so I didn't have to catch a train..traveled light though, you would be impressed. Will try to remember to take a picture of my tiny bag...). Hadn't told the rest of the family so I surprised them when I got home.

Then today, I worked from 9am til around 3. Ducked over to the hospital for a few hours to see my friend in hospital. The one I mentioned in my Postcards post a few weeks ago. Her first day in the hospital was Friday (and I sent her the first postcard from Brisbane) and today was the first hit of chemo. Was great to see her and she's still feeling pretty good, so I wasn't an exhausting visit for her. Hoping to pop in again before I disappear on Thursday but she has warned me she's expected to get 'worse' from Monday onwards.

When I got home I was exhausted and sore (from PT on Thursday, she worked me hard) but I was a very good girl and had a 10 minute jog on mum's fancy treadmill. I think, for once, I actually enjoyed running. Lets hope it starts a trend. why am I here?

I had thought I'd described my job in an earlier post but realised that I must have thought better of it. I won't state the company I work for (though if you're savvy you might work it out) but I will say that I am involved in floods. Particularly as they are happening and in a technical sense. Normally just for Victoria, but given the current situation in Queensland I was called up to gain experience and be an extra set of hands.

Although the situation up here is reasonably steady at the moment (not that rivers aren't rising, just that everything is behaving as expected) work won't be quite as intense.

I do have a 5am shift tomorrow though so that should be fun.

I also noticed that I have 50 followers! I am so amazed and grateful and fully intend to have a giveaway to celebrate, but you will have to forgive me if I leave it until next week. I would have liked to theme it Valentine's Day and have it arriving before then, but now I shall host it on Valentine's Day. If anyone has any suggestions/preferences for what they would like to see, let me know. Will be my first and I'm not sure how to go about it (i.e. a few goodies? one big hoard? beauty products? pamper me stuff?)

And if you made it to the end, thank you for caring enough to do so :-)

Ash xox

PS. Damn, turns out my last post made it after all. Have deleted it so as not to duplicate my ramblings.


  1. That's really odd (and annoying for you!) that it didn't publish, because it showed up in my Google Reader earlier today. So it's floating around in cyber space SOMEWHERE!

    Sounds like you'll be getting great experience under really unfortunate circumstances. I'll cross my fingers that SJ hears back on Monday with positive news! :)

  2. It's great that you got to surprise your mum like that! I can't imagine going so long without seeing my parents, but I only live 30 minutes away from them, so not quite as far as you.

    And congratulations on the 50 followers! :)

  3. Who says technology makes life easier huh?

    Stay safe and I hope work stays easy for you in Brissie. See if work will send you to Vanuatu to help out with our flooding here! Severe weather warnings since Friday and a cyclone warking for the next couple of days!