Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shopping, Socks and Pole Dancing

As you all know, work last week was rather crazy, but has resulted in a nice block of extra pay for me. So I have finally gone shopping. Now was not the time to action Frugal February, I just wanted to spend!

In the end I haven't actually bought myself much. I bought SJ a few things including sports shoes (so he can exercise with me), business shirts and a nice black wool suit. He's going to look great at the wedding next weekend :-) I will definitely be posting pictures.

We also bought a little BBQ. Should really take some photos to share but I will wait until we have used it.

As for me, after watching 'Under The Tuscan Sun' I have forever lusted after this dress....

Source: imdb
The 'white dress' she wears on her little southern rendezvous. I have never found anything similar, googling the dress only brings up other people also lusting after it, some designing their own (and I can't sew). The real dress is wrap dress and falls just below the knee, have to admit it's not a great style or length for me...but I saw this in the window of Forever New...

And just had to have it. It's my own little version. Much better length on me and though I'd like a v-neck, it's less tarty given the length. So this is my dress. It's almost old stock though and they only had a 10 left, I need the size 8 on the mannequin and it doesn't come down from her until Tuesday. My name is on it. Literally!
I also bought these pairs of socks. 4 for $5 because I want to try to make a sock monkey, giraffe and elephant. Not sure what I will do with them when I am done, seem a little useless to me, but I feel like it's a sewing task I might be able to handle!
This was the outfit I wore to Pole Dancing today, sorry it's not a true outfit post, didn't feel like showing my legs. We did take a photo of the Bloggers Meet Crew so I will post a copy when it gets shared.

First off, it was hilarious. Definitely a great way to break the ice for a new group of girls, I can see why it's so popular for hen's nights.

Everyone turned up in short shorts with high heels...and none of them was as short or as high as the instructors but if I was guaranteed a body like hers I would sign up for regular classes right now!

Pole dancing has taught me that I am terribly uncoordinated. I knew I wasn't a good dancer, but I did think I had better motor control than what I managed to express during that session. When the instructor elegantly (and more than a little suggestively) body rolled up and down the pole...I managed to dry hump and simultaneously choke the pole...

Somehow I can't control my upper and lower body at the same time. I'm incredibly inflexible (yes I know, I should get into Bikram Yoga properly) and none of the moves felt right at all. Even the basic bits, we were 'taught' to walk across the room, relaxing our hip, swinging suggestively and using our 'naughty' hands to direct the gaze of the 'hottest guy ever' imagined at the front of the room. I couldn't do it seriously, laughed at myself the whole time.

I even ended up with a bruise on my ankle for my troubles. In one move we were taught to jump up onto the pole gripping it between our the process I hit my ankle. Uncoordinated I tell you!

Tomorrow SJ and I are heading to the markets to fill our pantry according to Michelle Bridges' rules. The 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge starts on Monday, I'm looking forward to it but a little apprehensive. I shall post more tomorrow :-)

Oh and all my ebay items end tonight, I'm amazed at how much money I have managed to make :-) Yay, more shopping!


  1. Good luck with your MB Challenge! I read about it ages ago but don't think I can take part until bubs is born as at the moment my body is kind of hard wired to get fat and blow out!

    1. There is actually a pregnancy program, don't know how altered it is. Too late to really start now though. I don't think it's something you should worry about too much when you are expecting, just stay healthy :-)

  2. Oh another doing the MB Challenge - please post how you're going and I'll do the same!

    Vouge meet up sounded like such fun I should of came along but I had other plans! x

    1. You can come next time, any ideas on another activity?

      And yay for the 12wbt. I just took scary 'before' photos of myself. Blech.

  3. Erm i was standing next to you and you are not unco!

    Also we nearly butted heads but that would have been funny.

  4. I'm bummed I didn't know about the meet-up earlier *siiighhhh

    Sounds like a laugh and a half!

    1. Feel free to come to the next one :-) Will make sure it is mentioned in our blogs before the event, and not just on the forums :-)

  5. Oh, pole dancing my old foe.

    I'm not a dancer. REALLY not a dancer.

    Combined with being a bit unfomfortable with my body, and all of my friends having their hens nights pole dancing?

    Awkward. Lol. I always give it a go but definitely feel way unco.

    If it makes you feel better, im sure you looked 1000% more coordinated than you felt.

    1. Not sure about 1000%. My bruise is starting to go down at least.

      Hen's night pole dancing would be fun :-)

  6. Hahaha, that anecdote about pole dancing made me crack up!

    1. Being uncoordinated has to be good for something, I aim to please :-)