Thursday, February 2, 2012


What is more important, today's outfit or my news?

Well the news can be quick I suppose. First off, I am off to Brisbane for a week tomorrow, being sent up as a results of the flooding. Means I won't be around as much (if at all) though I will try and post from my phone. I probably won't be able to comment on anyone's posts, but I promise I will be reading if I can :-)

Secondly, SJ had a phone interview this afternoon!!!!! It's a really exciting job opportunity. Not great pay (about half of mine) but it's only a 4 day a week position (so plenty of time for him to still do the shopping..right?). Getting ahead of myself thinking he will get it, but omg it is so exciting for him to have an interview!

I blame all of you for sending your thoughts our way over the last two days. Monday night really was the lowest point we've hit so far, and right now is definitely the highest so far. The universe works in funny ways some times. Keep you fingers crossed though, he's expecting an email with a yes or no tomorrow let's hope for 'Congratulations, you got it!'. At the very least, the interview it should be enough to reboost his confidence for at least the week I will be away from him.

Okay, now onto more important things. I was going to post about the books I read in January again today but I don't have the time. So feast your eyes on my outfit instead...
This is as close as I get to posting a photo of my face. I think I will suck it up one of these days. Hard to with a 50mm lens though, instant close-up!
And this is what I was wearing today. Grey pinstripe skirt (though you can't see it) and cream blouse and shoes. I am wearing an aqua fashion watch too. My only jewellery since I am walking to PT tonight and didn't want to store things once I changed.
Two more pics of me trying different locations. Walked from the markets to work this morning (due to our late night on Monday, we postponed market day until today and lived off frozen meat and meals).
Close-up of my shirt's detail, ruffle neck tie thingy on the front. It's kind of washed out in the other shots. Really must become a better photographer.
And finally, this adorable scooter was parked outside my building today. Matches the watch I am wearing and I think I should be allowed to have it for that reason.

Okay, running (literally) off to my PT session now...


  1. Exciting that you get to go to Brisbane, but for a sad reason :(. What industry do you work in? (if you don't mind me asking, that is!)

  2. I never used to want to post pictures of my face on my blog but caved in and decided that I don't really care who knows what I look like. Maybe one day I'll get famous and people will recognise me on the streets! ;)

    Hopefully SJ gets the job. Good luck to both of you!

  3. Good luck up north! And my fingers are crossed for SJ!

  4. I have started posting pics.. why not! People can see your face in real life all the time :) Hey, that's my dream vespa! But maybe not suitable for my hour long commute each way at 100kmph lol