Tuesday, February 21, 2012

12wbt - Week One

Another post that's a little late, but I'm sure you will all agree that the wedding post was more important :-)

For those of you who haven't heard of the 12wbt - It's an online exercise and diet/lifestyle program developed by Michelle Bridges designed to take you over a 12 week body transformation journey.  Each Thursday a full shopping list, week meal plan and daily exercise plans are released, there are a few videos and special tasks and a big forum community there for support.

SJ and I are looking at the meal plan to give us more guidelines on our diet. I think we eat pretty well on a daily basis (and so far this program hasn't disproved my theory) but we probably fail at portion sizes. He cooks and dishes out, and I eat whatever is on my plate. Already the program is helping to see what is 'suitable' for a meal. I'm also obviously doing it for the exercise component. I need more motivation to exercise consistently and I know this will help. Ideally hoping to lose around 5kg, but the actual number itself isn't an issue. I am well within the healthy weight range for my height.

Here's my starting stats...
Chest: 83cm
Waist: 74cm at belly button
Hips: 102 at widest
Thigh: 57cm each
Arms: 28cm each at widest
Weight: 58kg
BMI: 21.8

And here's a run down of my first week on the program (I'll be doing the Intermediate Outdoors for those in the know) -

Meals - Berry bruschetta for breakfast, turkey wrap (with dried cranberries!) for lunch and steak with a corn and avocado salsa for dessert. Loved every meal and have added all three menus to our repertoire.
Exercise - A fitness test, some running and a few leg exercises.
The fitness test included:
- a 1km time trial...which I didn't time myself correctly for. SJ had borrowed my polar watch after his stopped working, got his working again and misplaced mine. So I borrowed his but didn't press the button properly. I ran the 2nd 500m in 2min45sec and I would have been slower. I've put my time down as 5min45sec though just to be safe, but I should have done it in 5min30sec...which is also my 'goal' speed over 10kms.
- a pushup/min test...I managed 15. Which I hate since I used to be capable of so much more. But I have only just moved into pushups against the back of a bench with my trainer so I guess it's not too bad. My injured arm is developing reasonably well though, so I expect this number to sky-rocket by the end of the 3 months.
- the situp test (it was a standard one if you've ever done one before)...I got to level 5 on this one, doesn't surprise me, I have naturally good abs. Nothing to be proud of though as I've never worked for them!
- a wall sit test...timing yourself sitting against the wall for as long as you can. I piked at 31 seconds, even at the time I knew I could push myself more...I just didn't. I expect to see improvements here too.
- a flexibilty test...sitting and stretching beyond your toes. I managed 5cm with my right hand, but only 3cm with my left. Nothing to do with flexibilty though, it still won't straighten!

Meals - Muesli, vegie wrap and vegetarian lasagne plus fruit and coconut cream for dessert. The lasagne was good but made a little too simply for us (used a can of tomato soup!) we'll probably modify this recipe in future. Wasn't too fussed on the others either I have to admit.
Exercise - A strength day on the program but instead I walked to training (3.5km in 30mins) and trained for 30minutes with my PT. She worked me pretty hard, followed the session with stretching.

Meals - Berry bruschetta, leftover lasagne for lunch and a chicken curry (no rice). The curry recipe was good, similar to one we'd make. Would probably add more vegies to it in future. Oh and a piece of dark chocolate for dessert! Should also mention that SJ is doing all the food with me, but adding 'calorie boost' options as suggested by Mish. He's also eating more on days he does a lot of riding (since he can exercise for over 3 hours those days!) and has a hidden stash of food I can't have (muesli bars and some jelly lollies) that he takes with him.

Exercise - Cardio only day. A run followed by a walk, I used my own intervals for the run (my focus is more on maintaining a max speed for longer, rather than plodding along) and then SJ joined me for the walk, then we both went up to the apartment to stretch. Poor guy, he's really not flexible, definitely something that needs to be worked on...

Meals - Boiled egg and toast, roast beef wrap and tuna steaks.The curry from yesterday was supposed to be leftover but we planned for it on Friday so we didn't have to cook before flying to Brisbane. Exercise - Big strength day. It was raining outside so I did the outdoor program in my living area. Banished SJ to the kitchen (where he could see me still but not be RIGHT there). Had to be a little innovative...my 'step' was a kitchen step ladder...probably a little high but it worked my calves hard, my 'tree' was a door handle I managed to wrap a towel through. It worked pretty well, enough that I'd happily do it inside again (and probably will a lot with Melbourne weather).

Meals - Choc-ricotta raspberry toast, vegie wrap and leftover curry. Since we were going away for the weekend, we also used Saturday's breakfast for Friday. Didn't want to miss out on anything with Choc in the title!
Exercise - Mostly a core/stretch day. I was grateful for this, the only way to fit in my exercise was to get up in the dark before getting ready for work. I also needed time to paint my nails and pack so it was a busy morning!


Meals - Didn't follow the meal plan, we had porridge for breakfast and salad for lunch and I had some watermelon straight after my SSS. Dinner was at the wedding and was a gorgeous buffet, didn't go too crazy but didn't draw attention to my avoidance of food either. Probably still made it within the 600 calories allowed for the treat meal but I'm not too worried if I didn't.
Exercise - SSS or Super Saturday Session. A killer session where you aim to burn 1000 calories. I did the set session...it took me an hour and a half and I maanged to burn 700 calories. That was all I could handle though, I had to stop so I'd have time to cool down and shower before the wedding. Lots of step-ups and squats and things in that one.

Meals - Still no meal plan, breakfast was a few bits of watermelon and a third of a smoothie shared with SJ. Lunch was chicken and salad (more salad than chicken of course) and dinner was a Peri-Peri wrap from Red Rooster. Now I'm not one to normally eat junk food, but SJ and I got to the airport at just before 6 (QLD time) and wouldn't be home until 11pm (VIC time). Our options were limited and I hate the refridgerated sandwiches from airport cafes. The wraps probably weren't too bad calorie wise, the chicken wasn't deep fried, no cheese, thin wrap. We ate them on the plane while watching a movie :-)
Exercise - Rest day. Thank goodness, after Saturday's session my calf muscles were killing me. Truth be told they still hurt today (Tuesday).

So there you have it, my first week completed. In future I will post on a Monday about 12wbt, so if you don't want to hear my progress, don't tune in :-)

Another thing, Wednesday is Weigh-in day so I will post a little note on that. I was pretty impressed last week, I weighed in at 56kg. A technical loss of 2kg in under a week. I'm pretty sure most of that was a water loss, I have realised I was probably consuming too much salt.

Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of my Valentine's Giveaway, spent some time last night bubble-wrapping all the nail polishes so they're all ready to be posted :-)


  1. Yum, that all sounds amazing!! My big problem is portion sizes as well. This sounds like a really good option to get yourself on the right track :)

    PS. Kudos for listing all your measurements - I'd never have the guts to do that!!

  2. The dishes sound really good!!! Very brave of you to share your measurements!

    I gave you an award on my blog. Click here for info :)

  3. You are in such a positive, determined mindset. Congrats on your first week, its not easy!

    Arent you popular! I have also awarded you something! Check it out here- http://uniqueblogofawesome.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/im-versatile-my-award-says-so.html


  4. The food looks good! Look forward to reading about how you're going with it all :)

  5. Good on you for sticking at it. I was interested in joining this but wasn't sure I could justify the cost as felt like it might be a short term fad.

    I've awarded your blog the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check it out here http://theaquarianwoman.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/versatile-blogger-award.html, and follow through with it on your own blog if you wish. I enjoy reading your varied and interesting posts!

  6. I think you made a typo in your starting stats coz it says 68kg, but I think you meant 58kg? =)