Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Learn to Park!...please?

Another post about nothing much, was going to write about the books I read in January but I will post that tomorrow instead. Rather I want to have a little rant about people who can't park their 'too big' cars.

I drove to work today, way too exhausted again this morning to get up with my alarm (but much much better on yesterday, I don't look anywhere near as terrible either!) so I decided to drive rather than catch the train. Now I live 4.5km from work if I drive and avoid tolls , so petrol isn't a huge factor and I can park at Harbourtown in Docklands for $5 all day (did you Melbourne girls know this? First hour free and $5 max, the city cirle tram stops nearby too if you ever need your car nearby after a workday). Takes me only about 15 minutes to drive it depending on traffic, then almost another 10 to get to my desk.

In comparison, it costs $7.60 a day to catch public transport and takes about 45 minutes all up including walking to and from stations. Crazy, right?

Anyway, today I drove. Parked in the $5 carpark next to a tool. I parked in the area designated 'small vehicles only' because the parks are smaller. I drive a suzuki swift definitely a small car. And this is how much space I had between me and the car next to me...
It's hard to se clearly, but the back of his car is over the line and the shape of his car means he 'sticks out' more than most. I'm saying 'him' but for all I know it's a 'her', I'm just being sexist I guess.

Now you might think I'm being pedantic. But check out the other side of the car...
Seriously? He couldn't get just a little closer to that pole?

I may have left a note under his windscreen wiper saying 'Please park closer to the pole next time'...

EDIT: After reading this post, two of my lovely readers sent me pictures of their own...

The first from Cat at Where's My Water who spotted this just after leaving work...
The second from Ess at This Is Ess who sent this gem through to me on twitter...
I think they parked with a blindfold on...


  1. Lol! Love that you left a note!
    I'd drive every day if I were you!

    I have a big car, but I'm a good parker! I'm sick of people stealing my car parks, I wasn't just sitting there with my indicator on for kicks you rude person! Grr

  2. Drives me nuts! Happens all the time with the Prados at Woolies.

    When I moved here my car insurance went up $100, even though it's a 'better' area. I'm sure it's cause of all the prangs in the car park due to people not being able to park or manoeuvre in small areas.

    TDM xx

  3. i hate it when that happens, i get paranoid that they will scratch my car.

  4. That is terrible!!
    Thanks for sharing the parking at Docklands tip - didn't know that!!

  5. Love the possibly left a note! I so wish I could do that in our carpark. We don't have much room and when some idiot parks wrong then it screws it up for everyone else. So frustrating!

  6. Oooh! That is BAD!

    I hate it when you're parked properly and then some ass who can't park their car, comes in so close I have to enter via the passenger seat! I lament the day I have to enter via the boot (but I suppose I should be happy that I can get it).

  7. Oh my word, you think that's bad? I'm about to send you a picture via twitter. Get ready to be stupefied.

    (Stupefied is such a funny word..)

  8. I have a Swift too! How awesome are they! :)

    I also get cranky at people who can't park properly. Actually I get crany at people who can't drive properly either. I mean seriously how hard is it to use your indicator...

  9. Agreed, this really frustrates me in shopping centre carparks!! Was def a "him" :P... Massively cheap parking btw x