Thursday, December 8, 2011

Signposts and Mailboxes

I recently realised I have a thing for signposts and mailboxes.

It occured to me during a drive through the Mornington Peninsula that I have seen so many in my travels yet rarely have/take the time to photograph them. I have the same though yesterday while in Gippsland for work, if only I had the time to photograph some of the mailboxes as I raced past. I love all the old milk tin ones you see in rural areas, and love even more the 'collections' you see at the start of kilometre long 'laneways' to save time for the postman.

So it will be a part of my photography mission to take more photographs of these things I've recently realised I love but have no evidence to support. A little hilarious.

I also love a good signpost, one just like my blog background is based on. I think they have so much character.  The one at the start of the post is from Greenwich Park, I thought the signpost to 'One Tree Hill' was something my OTH loving sister would enjoy (this was a few years ago mind you).
This signpost was one I spotted in Prague, Czech Republic. As the signs are in czech I obviously don't know what they say without googling them, but based on the pictures it was just pointing to the major tourist attractions. It was taken from near the Prague Castle which is Prazky hrad on the sign.
Taken in the middle of Regent's Park in London. Not directing you anywhere special, just around the park, but I absolutely love the little crown on top.
This one is obviously the one plastered all over my blog, just thought I'd include it for that day in the future when I change my background. Taken in William Creek, South Australia, the smallest town in Australia comparing itself to some of the major towns in the world.  So only around 15325 km from where the previous signpost was photographed...

I've now been inspired by the photographs on this site, a 94 year old man who walked eevry street in the 287 subrubs of Sydney. I'm not about to do the same in Melborune, but I should get back into my exercise (have fallen off the C25K bandwagon) and I'm thinking maybe I should run different routes each time. Might find something interesting close to home!

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