Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Planning a Wedding Outfit

I thought I'd take some photos of this outfit while I am up in Brisbane. I call this dress my 'Wedding Dress' I have worn it only 3 times and each time was to a wedding. I intend to wear it again in 10 days time when I am back in Brisbane for another wedding. May be my last use of it for a little while, have a few weddings in the next few months and the guest list will cross over (other than my sisters and parents, it hasn't at any of the other 3 weddings).  SJ also hasn't seen me in this dress yet as each wedding was 'no partners'.

So the story of this dress. I bought it for a friends wedding in Townsville (Easter 2009), I had my eye on it for weeks but really couldn't justify buying it when I had plenty of dresses.

Then, for no real reason, my mother saw these shoes, decided they would suit me and they were pretty...
I took this to be a sign from the fashion gods, the satin is the same colour as the satin sash of the dress. I went and bought it the very next day. I also found a little pleated clutch in the same satin (but I took it with me to Melbourne).
If it is a bit cool, I will take this blue cashmere scarf with me. SJ bought it for me while he was in Scotland/Europe (which was the same period as Townsville wedding). I emailed him a photo of the dress when I bought it, and he matched the colour perfectly. Not sure he did it deliberately, but I like to think he did.
Mum went through her jewellery yesterday and was going to ditch this costume ring, so I have nabbed it to wear with my outfit.

The added advantage is that I didn't take the dress with me to Melbourne. So I don't have to worry about travelling back to Brisbane with it and steaming out the creases I'd make in the silk!

Only issue now is that we have 4 weddings to attend between now and June...will have to plan some more outfits. I am thinking about wearing this dress but I'm not sure how I want to style it. I will post a proper pic of it closer to the date with a few ideas. I'll be willing to lash out and buy all new shoes and accessories for it :-) I'm excited about that already...


  1. Love your coordinated wedding outfit and the Portman dress is lovely! Some black pumps and a silver or pink clutch will complete the look.

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