Monday, February 20, 2012

The Wedding and a Proposal

First up, no it wasn't a proposal to me. Didn't want any of you getting too excited!

Tried to post yesterday but my sister's laptop didn't like Blogger and I was too exhausted when I got hom.

Starting with my nails...This was the OPI DS Classic I used as the first 'layer'. It is quite a nice natural looking colour with a great shimmer and shine to it.

Then I covered it in a layer of OPI Blue Shatter (and a top coat). I had issues taking photos of it, I think it looks better than in that picture...You can see the shimmer from the DS Classic and the Blue Shatter has a bit of a metalic sheen to it so it's a nice contrast.

This was supposed to be a photograph of a hand on my dress...SJ needs some lessons.

This was us together. Yes a face shot, figure I went to enough effort with the makeup that I might as well show it for once. Ignore SJ, he hates posing.

SJ was wearing some pretty cool cufflinks though (can you tell who bought them for him?). Bicycle gears with a pedal on the inside.

Our feet at the wedding. Included again because I realised only as I started writing the post that I took no photos of my shoes. There's a better picture in this post though.

Beautiful venue overlooking the river and Story Bridge (Brisbane's biggest/only icon).

I had a little cone of rose petals to toss on the newlyweds. Like how SJ's tie matches my dress? ;-)

And this was the bride. Hopefully she doesn't mind that her dress is now on the internet, I'm pretty sure it wasn't a custom job so it shouldn't matter. Was rather gorgeous. Floor length veil which she removed for the reception, backless with a tassled tie across the mid-back, slip to her thigh, beautifully beaded straps and feature on the dress...just gorgeous. Bridesmaids were in similar but simpler dresses in a bronze colour.

Tried not to take too many photos as I didn't know the bride and only had my phone. Had a harpist through the ceremony and pre-reception drinks, then a singer + guitarist band playing for the dancing. Really enjoyed the music, the food was incredible too. Held at Venice Restaurant underneath the garden they were married in.

Oh, and I was seated at the bride's table. Wasn't at all awkward since I know her so well and all...

Met an interesting new friend though, she's recently jobless and single and about to embark on a spontaneous trip to the UK to live/work for a while. Sounded amazing and I wish I had the freedom (sometimes). I hope she has an incredible time...and if she's reading this, you should start a blog so I can follow you!

During the speeches (which took almost an hour) my best friend (who from now on I shall call MissA) called me twice. I texted back asking what was up and that I was at the wedding...'Call Me' I am thinking something bad has happened, then I remember...she and her boyfriend didn't celebrate Valentine's Day much during the week, saving it for the weekend instead (booked a place in the city) I put two and two together. Managed to call after the speeches...but yes, my best friend is engaged :-) Looking at over a year until the wedding (moving into a house they are building later this year) but I am sure I will have plenty of Maid of Honour stories to share with you once planning starts, how exciting!


  1. Such a pretty dress, you looked gorg and loved the shatter to match.
    How exciting for your bestie, it's funny how everything happens at once.. married and a new home. Exactly what we did, what a whirl wind!

  2. You looked stunning!!! And I love how your nails matched your dress!!


  3. You and SJ look sooo cute together! What a stunning dress you wore to the wedding, very clever matching SJ's tie to your dress!

  4. Look at you both, you gorgeous creatures!!!

    What an exciting weekend!!

    I love your dress!

  5. Looking very pretty!!! you guys look cute =)

  6. LOVE your dress, and the nails go perfectly with it! You look great!

    the sydney girl

  7. Wahhhh the nails matches the dress! Talk about great planning. I thought it was your engagement. Flaps hands up in the air!

  8. A very pretty wedding and I adore your dress - you look gorgeous!

  9. You both look gorgeous! And I really like how your manicure matches the dress - just lovely!


  10. Yay! Nice to see a face to the blog! you too are cute! Gorgeous dress. :)