Sunday, February 5, 2012

At work before sunrise...

Let me tell you, getting up at 4am this morning wasn't much fun. I had forgotten how late into summer it was, thinking that the sun would rise at 4:30am but it was a bit behind that.

This is a composite of two pictures I took from work this morning at 5:30 (you can see the Suncorp clock in the background if you don't believe me haha). The left side of the view looks over to Mt Coot-tha.
My first break was just before 9am when a few others started work, so I ran down to King George Square for a coffee run...even though I don't drink it myself!
Did think the coffee shop and the square looked rather picturesque while it was empty and sunny. I bet it's not so peaceful on a weekday morning...
And one last photo. This is the family dog Possum again, found in my room this afternoon...yes I didn't make my bed or put the throw pillows back on it this morning, I got up at 4 remember...and the bags are things I have to take back to Melbourne...anyway, she positioned herself nicely among the mess I think.

I have a 7am start tomorrow, not so bad as today but my sleep hour tally isn't what it should be. Looking forward to returning to Melbourne so I can have the weekend I just missed (and the blogger's meet, excited about that one) but I should be able to catch up with a few friends after work this week. Brisbane has the weather for after work drinks right now :-)

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  1. Blogger's meet will be great! Hope I can make it to the next one.

    We were in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe they don't have daylight saving up there. The sun shining bright at 5:30 in the morning is just too early and unnatural. You have no choice but to get up.