Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Giveaway

I'm posting this the evening before Valentine's Day because I just can't help myself!

I present to you, my 50 followers/Valentine's Day Giveaway.

Contained in the parcel will be:

A Femme bathroom pamper pack, includes Body Butter, Bath Cream and a Candle.

Sex In The City 'Love' Perfume (100mL)

Wanted to try MooGoo after my review? I have been using the Skin Milk Udder Cream as a face and body moisturiser. Doesn't clog the skin (but I have to admit, it's not as amazing as the Anti-Ageing Cream).
This is my favourite lip balm EVER. Nivea fruity shine in Strawberry, tastes great, moisturises and has just a hint of colour.

An Australis Speck-tacular Nail Polish, this looks great on black nails. I haven't taken any photos while wearing it to share though.
And finally, eight Ultra3 Nail Polishes.
 - Black Satin
 - Gold Rush Fever
 - Metal
 - Lily White
 - Sizzling Red
 - Pearly Grape
 - Hot Spring
 - Blossom Fever
PLUS...Since I have won three giveaways in the last few months (how lucky am I!) I decided three prizes were in order. So two 'runners-up' will  receive the eight Ultra3 polishes plus a Nivea lip balm.


1. Be a Google Friend Connect Follower (over on the right hand side)

2. Leave a comment below on what Valentine's Day means (or doesn't mean) to you.

3. Cross your fingers!

PS. The giveaway will close at midnight (AEDT) on Tuesday 21st February. 1 week people!



  1. Valentine’s day to me is a reason to spoil my significant other and to enjoy being spoilt without feeling guilty, We aren't into huge PDA's so it's an excuse to go all out and be mushy and lovey dovey without feeling like the world is rolling their eyes at us.

  2. Valentines Day is not a huge occassion for me. I like to make my bf feel special but we don't make a fuss. This is the first year (in a couple of years) I have gone out and bought a present and card. Fingers crossed he likes it!

  3. What a generous giveaway :) And 54 followers now! Go you :D

    To me, Valentine's Day is a day to show EVERYONE exactly how much you love them, not just your significant other! Although he gets presents and we go out to dinner, I am a very enthusiastic Valentine for pretty much everyone I know. I love it!

  4. Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday. Nothing more. Do we really need a day to celebrate love? Surely you buy your partner flowers and chocolates all year round. We don't need a single awareness day (and that's not coming from a single person).

    At work during breaks they'll be reading out messages the kids write for each other :(, and those secret stalker/admirer messages.

    Now to the more positive sides of Valentine's Day: 2 for 1 offers! This year it's Gloria Jeans and San Churro. You can also get your favourite poem/lyrics typwrited at Melb GPO. :)

    Just a rumor but I heard at work, but apparently every year ms boss sends all the single people roses ^^ reinforcing single awareness day... - but still a very nice gesture.

  5. Valentine's Day to me is a friend's birthday. And a time to remember all the hilarious nonsense that we went through on Valentine's Day at primary school in Canada.

    They'd decorate the whole school in white, red and pink, we had to give Valentine's cards to every kid in the class, and after lunch there was a Valentine's Day dance where the kids from the higher classes would lip sync and do dance routines to the songs of the moment, such as Like a Prayer.

    My God, that makes me feel old... ;)

  6. Valentine's Day = Falling asleep in the arms of the person you love. Every day should be Valentines day :) x

  7. Valentines day means a time to share it with your loved ones, doesnt have to be your bf/husband/partner could be anyone in your life that you appreciate and want to show your appreciation.

  8. Valentines Day is an excuse to be extra romantic and telling all those who are special to you, how much you love them!

    Nice giveaway :)

  9. Aww, how generous are you!! :)

    Valentine's Day to me is just a reminder to appreciate the loved ones around you. It doesn't have to include any of that commercial cr@p (I prefer that it doesnt!) but to take a moment to appreciate all those that you love - whether it be friends, family or your significant other.

    I love unique ways of showing your love, and being a little romantic too. Creativity and real thought will always mean way more than an expensive price tag!

    It's a celebration of love. I know people always say that you should celebrate your love every day, and this is true, but sometimes it's easy to let that slip to the wayside a little. Life just gets in the way! Valentine's Day just gives you that little nudge to remind you :)

    Aaaaand my fingers are tightly crossed! :) xx

  10. Valentine's Day, to me, is a day when I can say mushy, sweet, loving things publicly to my honey and he's not allowed to get embarassed, nor is anyone allowed to take the mickey out of us!
    I can be soppy and overly affectionate for one day a year and no one can make fun of me!!!

  11. Pick me! Pick me! :P

    To me, Valentines day is about celebrating love. Simple as that! Everyone celebrates it in their own way but it's all about the love. Share it round :)

  12. It means another excuse to spend some fabulous alone time with my fabulous fiance! I tell him how I feel every day of the week, but everyone loves to be spoilt and so if V day gives us an opportunity to do that for each other, why not? xx

  13. Great Giveaway!

    St. Valentine's Day was always marked by a gift from my Dad. He still does it to this day for all his daughters. Awww. He has 6, so no mean feat. haha.

    V-Day is also the anniversary of when I flew to Canada to be with my Boyfriend. 2 years ago. My first ever overseas trip… And I went alone. We topped Valentine’s Day off with my first ever experience in a winter wonderland. Romantical! And Canada celebrates Valentine’s Day way more than I’ve ever seen (prob even less than the US though). Super Lovey Dovey. It was fun.

    We don't go OTT for Valentine's Day... But I definitely like to mark the occasion!

  14. Such a lovely giveaway!

    To me valentines is another one of those days that is all commercialised for me and it’s another one of those excuse for extra money spend ;). Save your money people! Although it’s one of those days I still remind my partner everyday how much I appreciate him .

  15. wow so many goodies to give away!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you as well!

  16. To me, Valentines Day is my brothers birthday! What a lucky boy he is. I find it hard to celebrate Valentines Day as a day of 'extra love' because I want to give my attention to his brother and make him feel loved the way everyone should on their birthday, not because it is Valentines Day!

  17. Wow, what a fabulous give away!

    Valentines day to me is a day to reflect on the love in your life. That can be from a significant other, family or friends. I am spending the day with my boy, our close friends, and our dogs! Having a bbq and eating valentines cupcakes :)

  18. For me Valentines Day is another opportunity to express my love to my husband, family & friends. We don't spend alot (we're saving like crazy), but it's nice to do something special together, on this day, and every other day of the year!

    Happy Valentines Day to you Miss Directions!

  19. I think Valentines day is a great opportunity to be reminded how lucky you are to have someone in your life to love and who can love you back. :)

    Happy Valentines Day! :D

  20. Valentines day to me is my brothers birthday!

  21. Miss Directions what a generous giveaway, and very thoughtful to give back to your readers.

    Valentines Day to me is an opportunity to be a bit cheesy with the people I love.The lamer, the better!

    I dont like it when people poo-poo Valentines Day- just like every other holiday it is optional for you take part. It doesnt even need to be commercial- if you choose to celebrate simply by kissing your partner that extra second longer in the morning on VDay thats very romantic!

  22. What an amazing prize, I'd love to enter :)

    Valentines day is a reminder to tell the people you care about how much you love them, and do something special to show your appreciation. In the daily hustle and bustle I think we sometimes forget how important it is to pause and think about who is important to us, what they have done for us, what we do for them... and the importance of reciprocating love and kindness.

  23. Thank you for the giveaway!

    V-Day to me is to me really is just another day but I don't mind going along with the hype giving extra lovin and getting some back x

  24. Thank you for a fab giveaway!

    VD doesn't really mean much to me at all. But if it floats your boat, go right ahead.

    TDM xx

  25. Valentines day is merely a reminder of the love and generosity that we should show all those around us each and every day. It's also a time to indulge in fancy-pants chocolates and not feel the tiniest bit of guilt ;)

  26. Great giveaway Miss Directions! My fingers, arms toes are crossed!

    To be very honest, this V. Day was particularly difficult for me because it was the first one I had to endure since splitting with my boyfriend of 2yrs just a couple months ago. It was heart-wrenching seeing all my fav bloggers talk about their loved ones on their blogs. I even wore all black on the actual day as if to protest! But now that I think about it, I believe I was misreading the whole idea behind Valentines Day.

    I know that V. Day was originally meant to honour romantic love but I don't believe it should be limited to just that. It should also celebrate love between friends and family! There's no such thing as having too much love and that's why Valentines Day is perfect. Unlike anniversaries and other special days between lovers, V. Day is open to all sorts of love.

    It makes me sad to think that instead of expressing my love to close friends and family this V. Day I was brooding over the end of my relationship. There's so many people who I love and love me and I should have used this day to show them this!

    Lastly, I know people say that love should be expressed and celebrated everyday, and I agree with that, but V. Day is extra special because it's a platform for people to publicly express their love (just like Sydney Sparkle, the first commenter said)!

    Now I'm excited about the next V. Day because whether or not I have a partner around, I'll be sure to show my love to the people I care about.

    Hope you have a fab Valentines Miss Directions :)
    Stay pretty.

  27. This V.Day for me was all about honouring my friendships. I'm single and love it, so I wanted to do something special for the special people in my life and had a big feast. Why should V.Day be confined to couples? ;)

  28. Do you know whats weird?! I was already following you because you come up in my blogfeed but then when I clicked follow it asked me if I wanted to follow you?! Thats bizarre.

    Valentines Day - Its all about laughing, love and the small things that make you realize why your with the person that you are.

  29. Valentine's Day means spending time with the ones you love, and celebrating the love you hal them you love them!t have to be gifts, just tell them you love them!
    gfc - Stefanie Gladden
    email -

  30. Valentine's day doesn't signify much to me though if I had a boy on the horizon, I'm sure I feel differently! In which case it becomes a day to celebrate the relationship and all the little things about it that you appreciate.

    Thanks Miss D!