Monday, February 27, 2012

12wbt - Week Two

So here I am at the end of week two of Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation.

In general, I found the second week much easier than the first. My body is used to eating that little bit less and used to working that little bit harder. I also relaxed into the diet a little bit more...

Meals - Skipped the breakfast (apple muesli) in favour of porridge with a little bit of honey. A much easier and faster breakfast for SJ and I (since it's what we would usually eat). We've swapped most breakfasts after this one. Lunch was just a salad (being in Brisbane for the weekend restricted food planning) but for dinner we had the Tofu and Vegetable Skewers as per the menu plan.
Exercise - Cardio Run/Walk...I only walked. I had a few things to shop for so I walked there and back (quickly of course) and was gone for almost an hour. My calves were still very sore from Saturday's exercise and I really didn't have it in me to run.

Meals - Scrambled Eggs with spinach and avocado, pumpkin and quinoa salad (this was really good!) and salmon stir-fry. The stir-fry was interesting, I'd always prefer chicken but it still worked.
Exercise - Tuesday is my PT training day, I turned up early for a short warm up walk and a bit of a run. Wore my heart rate monitor and burnt around 300 calories in 30 mins. Not bad for a strength session.

Meals - Porridge for breakfast again, tuna and coleslaw wrap for lunch (didn't like this one at all!) and a gorgeous chicken Waldorf salad for dinner, never had one before and it's definitely on our permanent menu list. Also pineapple and yoghurt for dinner, the fresh pineapple was a little sour though.
Exercise - Got up before the sun (just, it is starting it's rise a little late now though isn't it!) and ran before work. I knew I'd struggle to exercise when I got home.
WEIGH-IN - wasn't expecting to still lose this week after last week's massive drop, but I managed another 300g..down to 55.7!

Meals - Porridge for breakfast, bits and pieces for lunch (this was the day I drove north for a meeting...had a sandwich and a few mini spring roll things) and chicken with mustard sauce for dinner (another recipe I really enjoyed).
Exercise - Skipped the exercise. Bad I know and I hated myself for doing it, but I did work up a bit of a sweat cleaning etc. and was up until rather late anyway (see Friday's post)...

Meals - Porridge again, smoked salmon wrap (was easier than a sandwich, went soggy and gross still and I didn't enjoy it) and beef fajitas for dinner, another recipe I really, really enjoyed.
Exercise - Another day of skipped exercise (two in a row is really bad, right?) As it was a stretch day I didn't feel too guilty. It won't happen again though!

Meals - Porridge again, a warm chicken salad from a cafe for lunch (and I ate all the green stuff!) and a butterflied lamb roast with a waldorf salad for dinner. Had a small gelato and a single chocolate while out during the day as well, not sure what my calories would have worked out to be, but I didn't feel too guilty about it.
Exercise - 1001 calories achieved in just over 2 hours first thing in the morning, set me up to be exhausted walking around in the heat all day, but I did feel rather proud of myself for making it. I included quite a few stair runs to make up the calories, was a real effort.

Meals - Porridge and a little bit of fruit salad, leftover waldorf salad, some popcorn and a watermelon and rocket salad with trevalla (fish) for dinner.
Exercise - Rest Day. Definitely not as sore as  I was last weekend though!

All in all, not a bad week. A bit up and down with exercise (I've also skipped Monday's session but I intend to redeem myself) and I didn't follow the menu plan, but I was happy with my alternative meal choices and feel like exercise is becoming more of a habit in my life. Still have a few changes to implement though.

I started a little scrapbook too, all I've done so far is write some inspirational quotes and amused myself with coloured pencils, I do intend to write out the exercise plans and keep better track of my progress. I think it will help me to set myself some more specific goals.


  1. Loving reading your updates about this! Good stuff v inspiring! How did you burn 1000 cals? What asides from running upstairs? And what hr monitor do you use to calculate this? I need! Xx Ps delete capcha!!!! Its taking me a billion times to make this comment! Haha

    1. Damn, I didn't think I had capcha! I can't work out how to get rid of it either. Am googling now.

    2. It's gone! Hooray.

      I burnt 1000 calories using the workout designed in the program, it's known as a 'Sixty Second Screamer' there are 7 exercises each performed for 60 seconds, back-to-back, 3 times over. Then another circuit of 7 different exercises also b2b and 3 times. Plus a warm up and some sprinting and all my stair runs.

      The exercises are a combination of pure strength (pushups and tricep dips) and cardio (things like burpees or mountain climbers), but you don't really stop moving the whole time.

      I use an F4 Polar HR monitor which I have owned for years.

    3. awesome thanks. i might look up the program!! i am gyming it quite a bit and trying hard but red wine and whatnot seem to be sabotaging my halve-natalie plan!!! boo hiss. i swear fat is attracted to my bodehhh cos it just comes back!! :( i'm going to look at your HR monitor i really want one!! x

  2. The more I hear about this program, the more I want to do it!
    Just have to off load this bub first!
    Hopefully I can convince The Man to do it too... Although I don't know how we'll go with the shopping lists and meal plans as we can't get the full range of things that you get in Oz.

    1. You'd be able to tailor it to suit your range, plenty of people substitute meals from the big recipe index on the site. Keeping under the calorie limit is the main thing :-) Plus guys get calorie boosts (extra bits) with meals so he should be happy enough :-) SJ is rarely hungry and he eats like a teenage boy.
      (PS. Sorry it took me so long to reply)