Monday, December 12, 2011

Moogoo Review

I have been using my new MooGoo products for around two weeks now and thought it was time to share a product review.

I purchased the Anti-Ageing with Resveratrol, the Milk Wash, the 'Normal' Oil Cleanser, a tub of the Full Cream Udder Milk, the Tingling Honey Lips balm and the new Edible Strawberry Lip Balm. I was also given a free sample of the Eczema and Psoriasis Balm.

This review is based on my own honest opinions from use of the products, I paid for each of the products in full (except the free sample and they provide something free with every online order) and have not been bribed in anyway.  Though if anyone wants to send me free Moogoo products as a result, I won't say no :-)

First, a bit about my 'starting condition'. I have normal to dry skin, sun sensitive (lots of freckles) and am in my mid-20s. I don't get a lot of spot but when I do they tend to be hormonal and appear around my chin or jaw line (always on my right side jaw for some reason), the jaw line spots are usually a little cyst-ish and can be painful. They have occurred since I first went off the pill (years ago) every month around a week before my period (I am on a less estrogen filled pill now and still get them). My skin wasn't too terrible but it felt tired, I frequently felt as though my skin was ageing too fast and was losing its bounce. Not too many wrinkles yet though (thank goodness!).  I also have relatively thin skin, veins visible everywhere and dark circles under my eyes appear very quickly with a little less sleep/dehydration. My previous routine varied, I haven't been overly consistent with much but I always take off any make-up before sleeping and have a collection of moisturisers, scrubs and cleansers.

I have been very happy with the results from the Oil Cleanser, I am new to the oil cleansing method but have found my skin has responded well. There was some tingling in my cheeks (where I am driest) immediately after getting out of the shower (I almost always cleanse in the shower, saves me time) but I found my skin wasn't as tight as it has been from other cleansers. It felt fresher too.

I've used the Milk Wash as my liquid soap in the shower and occasionally used it on my face (when I haven't wanted/bothered with the oil cleanser). As far as shower wash goes, I'd have to say it's pretty standard, left my skin soft and clean, but most are able to do that. Where I was impressed by this product was when I used it during shaving, just a small amount, and my legs felt softer and smoother for a few days (rather than 1 day) afterwards. I wasn't using a new razor either, I need to replace it (Venus Embrace) and have never had results like that from an older razor head before.

I have recently been using the Aveeno shower wash (bought by mistake) and the Palmers Cocoa Butter one, have to say the Milk Wash beats both of them but has a very different consistency. The Palmers is thick and rich while the Milk Wash feels very thin in comparison, but a little goes a long way. I swear my skin is softer than from the other two, but it is hard to make a direct comparison. Either way, there definitely seems to be more product being soaked into your skin and less going down the drain!

The Anti-Ageing Cream and the Full Cream Udder Cream I am going to comment on collectively. I usually apply the anti-ageing in the morning and full cream in the evening but I have also used both at once. I had a few days last week where my skin still felt dry, I'm not sure if this was influenced by the environment (it does get dry in Melbourne for my Queensland raised skin) or because my skin was getting used to the products. I increased my moisturiser application during this period to try and compensate. I applied both creams morning and night on some days, putting on the Anti-Ageing after a shower and adding the Full Cream before bed. Still woke up dry a few days but things have fixed themselves now.

I love how smooth these creams are, that's a big tick in my book. They don't feel gluggy or plasticy and no weird residue (which I've had from some Garnier products). My skin is now looking a lot better, smoother and more even toned. I have high hopes for the Anti-Ageing Cream based on reviews I have read, but I'm willing to give it more than 2 weeks to make me look younger :-)

I also used the Full Cream Udder Cream on the rest of my body, and was highly impressed with the results there. Smooth and soft and the results feel like they last days. I have used Aveeno, which promises 24 hours of moisturiser and was impressed that it was true, but in comparsion, Aveeno feels like it sits on my skin and has surfacing residue over that 24 hour period.

Onto the lip balms, the Tingling Honey and Edible Strawberry. First off, the Tingling Honey is great, for me it is a replacement for the Softlips Vanilla I currently own. Moisturising with Honey and Menthol you only need to read the ingredients to see how great it has to be. I won't list them but they are available on the site. In comparison to the Tingling Honey, I actually found that the Edible Strawberry was a little disappointing. I currently use Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry because I love the colour and taste, it's delicious and so edible...Moogoo's variation isn't as smooth or shiny, smells good but it's very weak in comparison and I can't taste any strawberry for the life of me. The Tingling Honey has more flavour. So I still love the Nivea one but the ingredients list leaves a lot to be desired in comparison with the MooGoo Edible Strawberry. 33 ingredients for Nivea (including 3 artificial colours) and only 9 ingredients in Moogoo with natural colouring.  Oh well, I should change because it's better than me. Might take me a while to fully convert though.

Last product is the free sample of the Eczema and Psoriasis Balm, I occasionally suffer from small spots/areas but not really frequently enough to confirm it has an impact (haven't really had any since receiving it). But like the Full Cream Udder Cream, it's a great feeling moisturiser, goes on very smoothly and the softness lasts. I've put the little sample pot in my handbag to use as a moisuriser when I'm on the run. I'll also apply it to any red spots that appear on my arms as summer approaches.

All in all I'm pretty happy with my MooGoo purchases. So much so that I've already placed another order! I'm buying my three sisters Milk Wash, Oil Cleanser (Oily Skin), Acne Cream and Skin Milk Udder Cream for Christmas and added in an extra Skin Milk for myself.  All three have bad acne and get spots on their shoulders/backs. MissE in particularly has problem skin, she has super pale skin and red hair and reacts to everything, has PCOS and Chronic Fatigue and keeps being given all sorts of things to take and try. I'm really hoping the products work some wonders for her, she already doesn't use normal soap and uses Goat's Milk (which MooGoo also creates but I know she bought some recently so I didn't get her any).

Now I just have to hope the cute cow print box arrives before I drive back to Brisbane!


  1. This post still gets a lot of hits from google searches for MooGoo reviews so I thought I would leave a quick comment.

    Two years on and I'm still a MooGoo convert, the products I'm using depend on my mood at the time (and budget) but I never regret a MooGoo purchase. With the exception of hair care, I've found their shampoo/conditioner don't work well for my hair.

    But you should know, that I just couldn't live without my Skin Milk. It's one of those holy grail miracle creams for me.

    1. Hi Miss, I also am very happy with my moo, I started with the scalp cream, shampoo and conditioner and they all work with my very sensitive Skin and scalp.

    2. Hi Miss, I also am very happy with my moo, I started with the scalp cream, shampoo and conditioner and they all work with my very sensitive Skin and scalp.

  2. I also add that I bought the cream for my dog for her itchy skin and although shes not to fussed with it, its good for her.


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