Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Dress

Bought from Portmans, listed as Origami Bust Floral Border Dress (780776).

I wasn't able to take a proper photo of the dress as it is hanging in the wardrobe of my occupied guest room.

This photo was taken when we went out to dinner on Saturday night, I wore a pair of nude peep toes with it as they were the only heels I took with me to Brisbane. Also had no accessories other than a black clutch. The dress is rather busy though so it doesn't need much.

I love the way it fits, it has a tulle underlay but it hugs my waist and sits on my hips without making them look bigger than I'd like.

I also didn't get the poem out of the card my sister wrote for me. It was very well done, 8 or 10 lines of rhyming couplets saying I was hard to buy for and so long as I didn't give her credit card too much of a workout it was mine to shop with. It worked well because I love my dress.

As for my guests, SJ's parents are starting to test my patience. Was half an hour from when my alarm went off until my bathroom was free this morning. Meant I didn't have time to wash/dry my hair. Feels a little inconsiderate when I have a morning schedule and work to get to, they didn't leave the house until 9:30...
It's only a week. I can be strong.

Would help if this course wasn't so boring too. They teach you something, then give tutorial time for you to test it on the computer, then wander around to make sure everyone understands. I think I'm catching on quicker than most, I've had nothing to do for the last half hour. Computer is too slow to surf the net too. Will have to find something I can read on my phone...

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