Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Naked Little Christmas Tree

I bought this little tree and pot from Bunnings yesterday. It's a lemon scented conifer, great for hedging apparently, but it looks cute and smells lovely. It is living in all it's nakedness on the dining table. I'm not sure if it will remain there, but it does get some sun at least. As a plant it requires full sunlight but will keep it's lime green colour even in the shade. I'll see how it goes living there for now and move it outside some days/after Christmas.

I'm very pleased with it, it removes the need for storing even a tiny table tree (we really don't have any storage space yet) or displaying a bigger tree and means no real waste. I should be able to use it again next year, but if it's gotten too big I won't have to feel guilty either!

Now I get to go shopping for decorations and baby lights for it. Hard because I want to do it right, hopefully I can get some gorgeous tiny ones that SJ and I can keep as mementos of our first Christmas living together for years to come. I'm thinking white with some red, personally I never really liked multi-coloured Christmas trees and I think the tree is green enough as it is. Also not sure if I should go with silver or gold or neither, I think the 'shiny' factor might be too much with the lime green. Decisions, decisions...and shopping!

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