Friday, December 16, 2011

I have a confession to make...

Yesterday I bought my first ever copy of Vogue.

That's right, I am a Vogue Virgin. I feel a little guilty as I have been posting in the Vogue Forum for about a year now and have never actually bought the magazine. I'm not big on buying mags as it is, I don't usually enjoy paying for pages of advertising. Straight out of school I bought Cleo magazines religiously for a few years (I originally bought them for their 3 month body challenge, but never compelted the challenge) then I realised I skipped straight to the 'Health&Body' section of the I switched to reading Women's Health instead. After a year or so of that, I realised I kept reading the same thing over and over with a few minor new health tips each edition. So I gave up magazines.

I caught the tram home from work yesterday and got bored waiting, decided to buy a magazine and figured it was as good a time as any to lose my Vogue Virginity.  I haven't read through it all yet, trying to savour it and really take it all in. Should help with my New Year's Resolution to care more about fashion and work on defining my style.

Speaking of style, about to head of to our Christmas Party and I promised a photo of the dress I'm wearing. Except I changed my mind last night. This was the original dress...
But I just couldn't tone it down with anything I owned to make it feel less 'shiny' during my work day. So I decided to leave it and find something else. I may use this dress for my family's Christmas lunch though, it does scream 'festive'.
This is the dress I have chosen to wear instead. Originally bought in 2003 (oh deary me) I feel like it's almost fashionable again. I love the colour red but don't seem to have a lot of clothing, or dresses, in red. I have plenty of nail polish though :-)
I'm wearing OPI Big Apple Red, I thought I'd have to change it to wear the red dress, but it goes well with the brown one. Saved me a bit of time last night. I'm not wearing many accessories (another NY Resolution) because I don't know how/what to do with them. So I've just got a red cardigan (for inside the office) nude peep toes and some of my favourite rings on.  The ring on my middle finger is a Florentine Wedding Ring (in tri-gold, also called a puzzle ring) and this morning it looked like this...
Took me more than 10 minutes to put it together :-S


  1. I'm not a huge magazine reader either. The first half of this year, I had a subscription to Who courtesy of my best friend. Mostly it was to laugh at whatever the Kardashians were wearing and then mock the horoscope and do the crossword.

    A couple of Christmases ago, my sister in law got me a subscription to In Style. Good GRIEF. I like maybe 2% of the stuff in there, and it was always the stuff that was $750!

    (Oh, and I have a ton of red nail polish too. Although I'm currently wearing OPI's Dulce de Leche...)

  2. I'm a Vogue virgin too! I'm too scared to buy the magazine because I know I'll want stuff out of it that is well out of my price range!

    I really like the idea of your New Years Resolutions. They are simple but effective and still a challenge! Good luck :)

  3. Ladies.. I managed to score Vogue Mag Nov 2011 from the library. So it is free. Yes. I'm a tight ar$e these days.