Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Isn't It Ironic

At least, I think it's irony.

Yesterday I got SJ to take my little car to the mechanic and get it checked over before our road trip. He did, they said everything looked fine but that I may need to get new tyres soon. Not worried, after this trip it will be due for it's next service.

So it was a little ironic that when we got down to the car this morning, for SJ to drop me at work and then run our final errands, that the car battery was flat.

I'm on a train to work now, a little late :-S Lucky I have flex time...


  1. Oh jeez... At least it happened BEFORE you hit the road and not part way through the trip!

    And flex time is the bestest thing ever!

  2. oh wow, that sucks. At least it happened way before the trip.

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