Monday, December 19, 2011

All Wrapped Up

I've wrapped almost all of my Christmas presents, I'm still waiting on an order of MooGoo which I really need to arrive before lunchtime tomorrow. Not holding my breath though.

MissT is dealing with a lot of family Christmas presents for me this year, each of my parents, grandparents and a few cousins are all being taken care of as 'group' presents between her and I. Saves me a lot of time and effort (and possibly money) plus I don't have to cart them up to Brisbane with me.

Had a busy weekend which is why I didn't post.

Work Christmas party. Wore rather high heels and spent the 3 hours on my feet, small blisters on the back of my heels and crushed toes (but hey, we do these things) which I could deal with...except then I had to catch the tram home. And as I was approaching a tram stop, one pulled up and I knew I'd have to run for it or wait 20 minutes for the next one. So I slipped off my shoes and ran like a bogan. I really wish I didn't. I hadn't realised how hot it was outside and how hot the bitumen I ran across was...the tiny blisters on the heels of my feet were nothing compared to the large one I gave myself on the ball of my left foot and the 5 blisters I scored on the pad of each of my right foot's toes. Ouch. So very stupid of me.

Sister's Christmas Presents - Got them done, got them printed and the sides had all been cut off (Harvey Norman doesn't print A4 anymore...). Came home, resized them, took them to a professional place...and my sisters turned out green! I didn't take a photo of the green ones but it's terrible. None of the colours were right. So I decided I'd have to get them done again, back at Harvey Norman but it would have to wait until Sunday. Cost $11 at HN and $30 at the professional place...bit of a waste. Managed to get them reprinted yesterday and was finally happy with them :-) 
Hopefully my sisters will appreciate the effort! From the left, MissC, MissT and MissE. I have butchered them because their names are the magazine titles (written in the same font as People Magazine) and blocked out the eyes on the big photos, I think that disguises them enough but it does ruin the effect a little. And also makes it less obvious that I have very attractive sisters, all with gorgeous blue eyes. I've also taken a photo of photos (rather than use the high quality files I created them from) and decreased the quality. I hate that I still feel I may be revealing too much of a personal nature.

The rest of my weekend involved being a good girlfriend and accompanying SJ to some bike thing (The 2012 Cycling Australia Madison National Championship if anyone didn't think so) and having family over (down from Sydney for Christmas) most of the day yesterday. SJ made burgers (homemade bread, patties and garlic mayonnaise...) and we took the kids to the park. As a result we still haven't packed or organised anything for the trip, going to be a busy night tonight!


  1. I still have not done any wrapping.. Oh dear lord I'm so far behind.

  2. What awesome gift ideas for your sisters! I'm sure they will love them, and you can definitely see how much thought/effort you've put in! :) x