Friday, December 30, 2011

Movies and Chinese

A quick lazy post from my phone because I am definitely in holiday mode.

SJ is back with me now so we've started catching up with all our Brisbane friends. Yesterday we saw a movie down the coast (for any Brisbanites, Australia Fair has $7.50 movies every weekday, $9.50 on weekends...very cheap!) since I had promised I would take SJ to see TinTin. Still haven't seen New Year's Eve though so he owes me big time. Oh and also watched Red Dog (finally) on dvd the other night, made me cry :-(

Last night we also headed up the coast to visit an old friend of mine. He and his wife met when he was working in China (his parents are Chinese) and she was his translator. They now have a beautiful 18 month old daughter and a son due in January. They put on a lovely spread for us, though SJ and I definitely need to eat with chopsticks more often.
And my outfit, a cream and navy nautical feel dress with a cute rope around the waist. Also wore jewellry, starting to get in the habit of wearing it more, it will be one of my NY resolutions to accessorise better.

Today I am off to a barbeque down the coast, meeting SJ there as he left at 7am for a big bike ride. Then tonight I am off to see Mary Poppins with my sisters, mum and nanna. Should be fun :-)

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