Thursday, December 15, 2011

Heading Home for Christmas

10 days until Christmas now. I don't have a lot to do to be ready, but it still feels like I'm rapidly running out of time.
SJ and I will be driving back to Brisbane for the holidays so we have even less time than usual. I will finish up work sometime on Tuesday afternoon (I have a bit of flex time worked up...maybe I should take the whole day lol) and head out to Traralgon to have dinner with some relatives.  Wednesday night will be spent at my best friend's place in Canberra, Thursday lunch with family near Newcastle, Thursday night will be somewhere on the New England Highway (maybe Armidale?) if we can get decent cheap accommodation we'll stay in a motel, otherwise we'll have to just camp (the hazards of traveling without bookings at Christmas time). Friday I'll be dropping SJ at his brother's place in Toowoomba and attempting not to get too distracted by his nephew so I can be at my parent's place on the Gold Coast before dinner time. Phew, exhausted just thinking about it. About 26 hours driving all up thanks to our detours.

There's not a lot to plan for the trip, SJ is responsible for getting the car checked over and changing the oil/checking tyre pressure, not that I'm not capable, but he's an unemployed boyfriend, that should be his responsibility! We're both trying to organise music and audio book CDs to listen to, I left it up to SJ and then realised he has made 10 mp3 CDs (so 6-7 albums on each) of his own music! Just to punish him, I am definitely making a full album of Jewel, Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift (may have just revealed too much about myself...)

I am excited by the idea of being on the road though, it has been a while since I've had a major road trip (work ones definitely do not count!) even if going home isn't really a holiday destination.

I'll be glad to have some time to do nothing though, we're not planning on starting our drive back from Brisbane until the 3rd or so of January (it will be so nice to be flexible!) and then I intend to be back at work on the 9th, so almost 3 weeks off work.

Christmas will start to feel a lot more real once I am home and surrounded by familiar decorations and traditions (which reminds me, have a $10 Secret Santa gift to get MissC, any ideas?) and having a proper Christmas tree (not a real one, just a big one) unlike the little one I have at the moment. Though I'll hate being spending another Christmas apart from SJ, it really makes more sense when we'd both prefer to be with our own families and don't like sharing each other when we're both around anyway. New Year's Eve is more special for us anyway (there's history there) and we'll definitely be together then.

On a totally unrelated note...I really hate it when people blow their nose in public. It is almost more disgusting to me than smoking, hate hate hate the sound of it. So why do people insist on doing it in an open plan office? GROSS!

Work Christmas Party tomorrow afternoon (2pm-5:30pm) debating what to wear still. I have a red satin dress I wore to my 21st and haven't worn since, thinking I might resurface it as a Christmas Dress. It's below the knee so it feels more work-ish than some of the shorter dresses I own. Or I could just wear black. Have to remove my red nail polish too (OPI Big Apple Red) cause it clashes with the red either find one of my reds that match or go totally different. I'd forgotten about this thing or I would have organised an outfit sooner! Will post some photos tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a great trip!! (Apart from the staying in Canberra part. But having recently escaped, I'm biased against it...) The worst is when people are sick and blow their noses in an open plan office *gags repeatedly*

  2. Goodness me, you certainly are covering the map! Have a wonderful trip and a brilliant Christmas with your family!

  3. MOMM - Staying in Canberra = free accommodation on my best friend's floor, plus catching up with her and her boyfriend and they're taking us out to see Christmas lights. Have to agree though, wouldn't want to live there!

    Brooke - yeah a little crazy but cheaper and more flexible than flying. Probably won't be as excited about the drive back down! Hope you have a great Christmas too :-)