Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Do you drink enough?

I read an article the other day titled, 'How to be an Angel: Victoria's Secrets revealed'. The article itself is rather predictable, Adriana Lima gives a description of her daily workouts and comments that she drinks almost four litres of water a day. Then she does silly things like cutting back on water before a show and dehydrating herself for 12 hours. Not recommended, obviously.

It did get me thinking though. Water is always mentioned as that 'secret ingredient' to help you look you best. When combined with a healthy diet, lots of sleep and exercise, of course.

I've been working on the 'exercise' part of that lately and as a result have been getting more sleep, but have I really tried to drink more water?

I used to manage two litres a day more easily in Queensland. I took two 1L stainless steel bottles to work (filled with water from home, tasted terrible at work) and forced myself to drink them during the day.

Living in Melbourne it's a little colder, which makes it harder. I still have one of my 1L bottles on my desk but forget to drink it as often as I should. It is my new mission to drink more.

I am also in search of some prettier drink bottles to use at home. SJ, as a cyclist, has plenty of sports drink bottles lying around and usually has one with him. We always have drink bottles on our bedside tables, but I hate the look. Mine is at least red and shiny, but I want something classier. I'd like to find something with a no-leak, 'suck' top too. In Brisbane on the weekend, I borrowed one of mum's Tupperware ones and drank 2L before 11am on Sunday. It was humid and over 30 degrees, but still.

So more water. And a way to encourage and remind myself to drink more often. Not sure how, post-its on my monitor maybe? If Adriana can manage four litres a day, I should be able to stomach at least two.

Bottoms up :-)

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