Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Terraced Houses

I wasn't in the mood to prepare a post today on my previous travels, it will have to wait. SJ heard back about another job yesterday and it wasn't good news...

I walked to my PT session from work today, it's only about 3.5km and I should probably do it more often. It's hard to be motivated to exercise on your way to heavy exercise though.

What it did mean was that I walked along streets I haven't seen before and saw some lovely terraced houses. One of my favourite things about living in Melbourne, some of them are gorgeous and each on still quite unique.
A row of terraced houses in Kensington. These ones are actually detached houses, I think that makes them more 'desirable'.
I liked the mailbox on this one. The open gate makes it look so welcoming too.
Again, I liked the mailbox. Just perched on the fence and the bike in the background. The detail on the top of the facade is lovely too.

I probably won't post on my travels again tomorrow, will be spending tonight attempting to finish the Christmas gifts I have planned for my sisters. Will try to post pictures of them without giving away their identities, may be a little hard. Has anyone had issues 'exposing' themselves on their blogs?


  1. I love terraced houses too! And every time I go to the gym, my mum suggests that I walk up there to burn extra calories. I might consider it (it's only about 2.5 kms) if it weren't up a giant hill, down a giant hill and up a second giant hill. I suspect I'd be exhausted before I got there!!

  2. I go through Kensington each morning on the train and always love looking at the terrace houses - even though I've seen them a zillion times!

  3. Hi Miss Directions! Wonderful to meet you and your blog - I'm following!
    P.S. I do love a good row of terraced houses. We don't see many of those in the country...

  4. ITNS/Nat - I don't think I will ever tire of Melbourne's terraces. If I was unemployed I would spend all my days trying to photograph them all :-) hehe.

    MOMM - yeah I struggled through the session and I am so sore today! didn't help that I missed last weeks session thanks to work either.