Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Slices

I spent Christmas Eve having a big slice making day with MissT while we babysat some younger cousins (4 kids aged 8-15).

We made (all double batches):
- mars bar slice
- malteaser hedgehog slice
- dark choc and mint white choc fudge
- apricot log balls
- chocolate balls (to look like fake puddings)
- coconut ice (in various colours)
- cherry ripe slice
- rocky road

We put a plastic table cloth on the big 12 seater outdoor table and didn't have to worry at all about the mess the kids were making.

My parents have an outdoor kitchen with a boiling hot water tap, which was great, meant we (or I) were able to stand there all day melting chocolate! And washing up repeatedly.

Didn't have any major mishaps, the youngest managed to cut her finger early in the day, but a band-aid and the promise of licking the first spoon cleared up the tears.

A rather successful day, we gave the kids Christmas tins so they could take their treats home.

We also ended up with 14 people here for dinner, so I spent the later part of the afternoon helping mum in the kitchen. Tonight my family managed to feast on baked ham, roast pork, roast turkey, fried chicken and roast lamb. Ridiculous amounts of meat! And we'll do it all again tomorrow...

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