Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Getting Out of the Office

I spent the last two days working out of the office, visiting rain and river gauges for various reasons. My profession has always allowed freedom and stopped me from being tied to a desk, the travel just isn't often glamorous. The weather was really great over the last two days though and it was hard not to enjoy being outside, visiting mountain tops (where rain gauges are) can be pretty spectacular, as you can see from above, has to be better than most office views, right?

And of course, there are always locals to meet.  Sometimes you're sharing their space (and hoping it's not a bull's paddock) but these guys were pretty friendly. SJ took one look at this photo, after my comment that she must hate lugging those things around, and said it will ease for her once the calf is born...turns out she's pregnant and he can tell just by looking. Got to love a good farm boy.

This shot is my favourite. Got a good version on the work camera but it's being used by someone else for the rest of the week (found a bird's nest I'll have to remember to share too!). This was taken from a suspension bridge in Tarra-Bulga National Park. A quick stop after a recommendation from a local farmer after we visited the gauge on his property. Those ferns are huge, 4-5m in diameter and there is a creek right through the middle of the photo, you just can't see it.

Well, back to the office tomorrow...

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