Monday, December 5, 2011

A day back in time...

SJ and I took MissC and her boyfriend to Sovereign Hill on Saturday. It's a living museum of life in Ballarat during the gold rush in the 1850s. There are people walking around in costume and character, putting on little skits  all day long. There are also scheduled shows and displays, shops to buy ol'fashioned fare and a little creek you can pan for gold in.

We saw the march of the red-coats, here they are about to fire off their muskets. They warned everyone that it gets loud and to block your ears...since I needed both of my hands to operate the camera I was slightly deaf for a while.
The lovely wandering band. They came into the New York Bakery to serenade as...just as we went to pay the bill.
An interesting way to let you know they will accept your American Express Card...
Well I have some of that they can have if they want. I won't even charge them to take it!
We had an ole time photograph taken, was a lot of fun to dress up. The dresses were green and blue and the feather boas were bright red, looked a little hilarious in colour but turns out well in the sepia shot. Would be fun to do something like that with friends or set up a photo booth at a wedding with old fashioned clothing items.  The boys didn't care much for dressing up, they just wanted to hold the guns...

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  1. Nice photos! Is that photo express costumed photo? or can we also just walk in to hire the dress and take souvenir photos without getting vip gold pass?