Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photos I promised...

 Over the last week I have added phone photos to my blog and promised myself I would upload proper ones. So here they are...

This is the bird's nest I found inside one of the rain gauge sheds during last week's work trip. It looks like the bird was/is getting in under the door of the shed and made a little nest on some of the bracing. We left it where it was, hopefully all the little eggs hatch. No idea what type of bird it would be, but I'm guessing a little finch of some sort. Does any one know?
Next we have one of the farmer's who has a gauge on his property. He talked of the 2010 bushfires that ripped through the area and of how he defended his home from the fires. Lost a lot of live stock and most of the trees around the area, but managed to save his house.
This is a view from that farmer's property, you can see trees in the foreground with new foliage and trees in the background that are fire damaged. Those trees are part of a paper forest, but were left standing after the fire because the paper they would produce wouldn't be 'white' enough. I think it's great for the landscape and stands as a sort of monument, but wouldn't it have been great to create the paper anyway and let everyone know that the reason it has black dots is because it was affected by bush fire...and then instead of making a profit from the tarnished paper, donating proceeds to charity...
I posted a mobile phone picture of these ferns in my original post and I dont' think this one is much different, despite the 'good' work camera.
This is the suspension bridge I was on in order to take a picture of the above ferns. I quite like this shot too, the ferns pushing their way through the fence make me feel like the forest wants to remind 'man' who is boss.
A big tree also in Tarra-Bulga National Park. Some of the tree species have been around since Gondwanaland. Not this one though, it's just a Mountain Ash (I think).
And finally, the sunset from the weekend I mentioned. Occurred just as we were eating dinner and it had been raining all afternoon. The sun got just beneath the clouds and behaved like a beautiful back-light behind the rain.

I'm going to start posting older photos now I think, mostly from the trips I've been on over the last few years. It's been four years since I went to Europe, I hope that if I post outdated photos from then it's not breaking some sort of blogger rule...

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  1. Thank You so Much for Following my blog.... leading me to your blog. I'm loving your posts and Photos. The nest is beautiful. Aren't those spotted eggs just gorgeous! It does look like a finch's nest. I hope they hatch!