Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red and Black and Funny All Over

SJ and I went out last night, dinner and a show. I wore my (quickly becoming favourite) bright blue jeans, folded up for a slightly different look. A black sheer shirt (Bardot) with black singlet underneath, stone PeepToes and one of my favourite red jackets. I love this jacket but usually want to wear it with dresses, it tucks in at the base and works so much better with pants.

You can see my sheer top in this one. And SJ's suit jacket and jeans. We didn't want to get too dressed up...

I was originally going to wear the sheer top with a coloured bra and no singlet...walked outside and decided it was WAY too revealing for my liking (I've since deleted this picture).

We had dinner at Deck Restaurant at Southgate...ordered heaps of food...

Appetisers...Crystal Bay prawns, garlic aioli and Grilled WA Sardines, pan fried polenta....the prawns were incredibly cooked, char grilled and combined with such a sutble aioli...heaven.

Entrees...Spinach and ricotta ravioli, artichoke, sage butter and Duck sausage, red wine poached pear...again my pick, the ravioli was great. Roast artichokes are heavenly.

Mains...Mine (as picture above) was Duck breast, carrott, fennel and charred baby oinon salad...the carrot was a beautiful puree and the duck skin was so crunchy. I'm getting hungry thinking about it again.
SJ had Lamb, rump, Jerusalum artichoke, prosciutto, cos leaf, mint...mine was so much better.

Oh and gorgeous sour dough bread with whipped butter and a side of 'crushed' potatoes. Broke a few of my dietary rules, but we were full enough to give dessert a miss at least :-)

Then it was off to our show next door, first night of the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

We were seeing Daniel Kitson (who I'd never heard of, but SJ has seen before) at 10pm...definite late night.

Today I'm dressed a little more boringly, black jacket, grey dress (not shown, but I wore it here) and...

These cute red/black tipped Fiorelli shoes.

Aren't they cute? I recieved them as a present...sometime back in 2003...I used to wear them on special occasion/functions but have since almost forgotten about them. Perfect for a little lady-like colour with stockings :-)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, they are so old I should remember to wear them more often.

  2. Replies
    1. It was interesting. Not quite what I expected but still rather amusing. I'm keen to head to more before the festival is over :-)

  3. HOT DAMN!
    If I looked like you did in that sheer top with no singlet, I would have left the house like that.
    You mentioned you run in this post...I certainly dont. This could contribute to why there will be no sheer shirts for me. Lol