Wednesday, March 28, 2012

12wbt - Week Six

These stairs are not my friend...

This was my best week yet during the 12 week body transformation. My 5500 calorie burn challenge has definitely helped keep me committed to my exercise.

So, last Monday I burnt 250 calories and then another 461 (total 711cal) on Tuesday, leaving 4789 to go...

WEIGH-IN - 54.7kg (as mentioned las week)
Food - Porridge + honey, 1/2 glass orange juice, leftover shephard's pie, apple, banana, (small handful) corn chips, wholemeal penne with tuna and tomatoes.
Water - 8 glasses (including one of cordial)
Exercise - 1000 steps (10x 6 flights up and down). Burnt 219 cal (Total 930)
Thursday's dinner - Chicken burger

Food - Porridge + honey, 1/2 glass OJ, Nandos Classic Wrap (yes takeaway! less than 300 calories though), pinch of SJ's chips, 3 fresh dates, chicken burger.
Water - 7 glasses
Exercise - 12wbt arms workout. Burnt 186 cal (Total 1117)
Yoga mat and dumbells in the courtyard (where I frequently train)

Food - Porridge + honey, 1/2 OJ, banana, turkey/cranberry wrap, apple, handful of grapes, kangaroo spaghetti (great way to get some kangaroo in your diet if you don't like the taste!), 1 piece of dark chocolate.
Water - 10 glasses
Exercise - 12wbt stretch and core day, only 176 cal (Total 1293)
My 'towel-pulls' set up - a statue and yoga mat strap

Food - Porridge + honey, 1/2 OJ, turkey/cranberrry wrap, Movie Snacks - roasted chickpeas, fresh dates, Jaffas (only a few), frozen raspberry drink (shared with SJ) and a gorgeous rissotto cooked for dinner as a treat meal.
Water - 5 glasses...really struggle on the weekends...
Exercise - Big 12wbt SSS (Super Saturday Session), 2 hours worth of back to back combos and sprints...900 calories burnt (Total 2193)
Towel-pulling it

Food - Porridge + muuesli, 1/2 OJ, handful of grapes, glass of chocolate soy milk, hanful of corn chips, thai beef salad and 12wbt friendly fish and chips for dinner. With one piece of dark chocolate for dessert :-)
Water - 5 glasses
Exercise - Walk into the city to do some shopping (approximately 4km) 307 calories burnt (Total 2502)
For box jumps and tricep dips

Food - Porridge + honey, 1/2 OJ, banana, turkey/cranberry wrap, apple, 4 vitawheats with vegemite, chicken salad with yoghurt dressing, homemade honeycomb, chocolate soy milk.
Water - 6 glasses
Exercise - Run/jog/walk 7kms - 450 calories (Total 2952)
Movie snack! Didn't like them enough to eat too many (which is good)

Food - Porridge + honey, 1/2 OJ, banana, chicken salad with yoghurt, apple, 4 vitawheats, orange, chicken and mushroom boscaiola (no pasta).
Water - 7 glasses
Exercise - Ride to work (108 cal...won't wear my heart rate monitor in future, it's annoying :-P), PT session and ride home (417 calories)...Total 3477.

So I made it to 3477 calories,  only 2023 to go before Sunday. If I manage a big Saturday session (1000cal) I should be able to do it. Particularly with riding to work and burning 100 cals each way.

Brings me to today's weigh-in, I'm down to 54.5kg, only 200g lost but still a loss. I've really noticed changes in my body over the last two weeks though, more muscle definition and I feel like my stomach and thighs are slimmer. I have definition in the muscles in my back too! Quite excited to see where I can get to over the next 5 weeks.


  1. a loss is a loss, so CONGRATS!! From my previous ecperiences, I noticed the closer I get to my goal the slower the weight shifts, but when you do your measurements you will be gobsmacked. Good Job xx

    1. Thanks :-) yes measurements happen again next weekend, looking forward to it :-)

  2. Yum I love those chickpeas! I could probably gobble down a whole packet in one sitting if I tried haha.

    You're doing so well, congratulations!!

    1. I didn't mind the chickpeas, didn't feel I wanted to eat a lot of them though. Now if they had been corn chips...

  3. Very proud of you for sticking to it all! I wish I had the discipline :(

    1. You can do it Cat! If you wanted to sign up for the next round, I'd sign up again and support you. We could even work out together :-)

      Actually, we could do that anyway lol

  4. What a week! Well done! Love seeing the slight changes happening in my body. Much better than the numbers on the scale!

    1. I agree. After all, that's really why you do it. Not for the number :-)