Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm so lucky...

No this isn't a post about what I am grateful for, it's a post about how I seem to have the golden touch of late.

I have been incredibly lucky with blog giveaways, I've actually lost count of how many I have won...I think 5? One or two of the prizes haven't reached me, but I haven't chased them up as I have lost track. How terrible for me huh? (Feel like hashtagging that with #firstworldproblem).

But I was particularly lucky with shoes this weekend. Not only did the emergency shift roster for work allow me to make the PeepToe Warehouse Sale right on 9am when it opened...I won a $300 PeepToe voucher! All I had to do was submit a photograph of my purchases (same pic as my blog entry) with a few words. It looks like only 2-3 people entered this daily competition so the odds were quite good.

I think the voucher (which I haven't received yet) has to be used online and has a very short time limit.

No problem, I was looking for red shoes to replace old low heel ones...and I want these...

What do you think? I'd be pairing them with all my LBDs and hopefully wearing them sometime soon with this white dress.

And I might get these shoe clips to make up the rest of the $. Anyone own/use them? I'd never heard of them before.

PS. Will post about 12wbt tomorrow, not much to say though, went off the rails a little last week.


  1. WHAT??? You lucky thing! Can't believe you get even more shoes haha!

    1. I know, right? I also won something through the 12wbt but I'll talk about that with my update tomorrow.

      Now if only my luck would rub off on SJ and he got a job...

  2. Ooh now you have me worried - dd you get my one yet?

    1. I did, it came on Friday :-) Sorry I haven't thanked you yet.

      Looking forward to more shopping in Forever New :-) Haven't opened the body shop package yet either, I'm going to use it as a reward for myself at some point :-)

    2. Oh I'm so pleased was worried it would eat lost in all this rain!!!

  3. $300 is fantastic, go you!! and go blogging, for making entering the competition a breeze :)