Friday, March 9, 2012

A Long 4am Post (and OOTD)

Here I am at work at 2am (at least it was when I started this post). A little bored but thankfully not struggling to stay awake just yet.

Why am I here? As I've mentioned before, I work in flood prediction. Here in Victoria there is a little bit of flooding happening at the moment and I am monitoring the situation overnight...

Not much else I can say about my job, but basically right now there isn't much I need to be doing except keeping myself awake.  I am also keeping an eye on data (rainfall, water levels, forecast rainfall) and running models, but I do have the situation under control. Which is why I can take the time to write a blog post.

My last 36 hours have been rather cruisy, at work on Wednesday it was decided that we would work out some shifts and plan for an overnight roster. I got the overnight shift and as a result, didn't have to be in at work at all today.

Wednesday I spent my lunch hour getting some pants altered, picking up a watch (which as wrote on my new Facebook fan page, isn't fixed.) and buying copy of The Hunger Games. I have decided to jump on the bandwagon...a few chapters in already, don't mind it so far.

Then I went off to Ikea and bought this Bekvam step stool for $14.99. SJ and I already own one (I painted it's legs silver) that we use in the kitchen to reach the top shelves. So handy with high ceilings. I bought this one for the bedroom, only way I can reach my stacks of shoe boxes...

Tried to stay up late last night (2am-ish) and sleep in, but I woke up around normal time. Dozed until 9ish before getting up...and failed miserably at an afternoon I have no been awake for 17 hours, not too bad. I do apologise for the rambling though and that there may be other updates later this morning...please don't read them, I'm sure they will be full of rubbish.

Today I managed to achieve a few things on my 'list'. It was like being given an extra day...

First I painted the step stool I bought (see above) in a black stain. Will match the bedroom much better that way (finished pic when I get home and it's dried). I also painted these...

They are wine racks (also from Ikea...I am an Ikea whore sometimes) that SJ adjusted the heights of for me so I could turn them into shelves in my Expedit bookshelf. As you can see, this is where we store our crockery...not a lot of cupboard space in our apartment. Speaking of, I am going to do some updated pictures but if you want to know what I mean, check out this old post...the bedroom in particular has changed a lot since then. Stay tuned!)

I also re-oiled this timber bench top. It's super pretty now :-) I would have included a before pic...but it looks the same...

I also performed a makeup/beauty product cull. I'll be offering some of this stuff to a friend who is visiting this weekend (MissA, the one who's recently engaged...more on the visit tomorrow) and then offering it all up in the Free For All thread on the Vogue Forums. If there is anything you see that you're keen on, let me know :-)

After reading about a fellow blogger's purchase of some iphone lenses, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the photojojo phone lenses I have been lusting after for some time. Available here if you're interested. The lenses fit most camera phones, so you don't have to have an iphone to get them (I've got a Nokia E6) and attached to your phone via a little magnetic ring you stick on. If anyone is interested I will do a more detail post on them included pictures of the actual lenses themselves...

In the meantime, here are some quick test photos I took before I ran off to work. This is the view from my couch using the camera on my phone as per normal.

This is with the wide angle, it definitely includes a lot more in the shot. I thought it would be great for getting self-shots of no. I look like an oompa loompa with the distortion, won't be showing you any of those!

This is the 2x zoom/telephoto/macro lens. It gets that little bit closer.

I was hoping the macro element of the lens would help me get better nail polish shots. However, since my camera has a fixed focus, rather than auto-focus, that'd be a big N.O. Looks like the macro lens doesn't change the focal length enough. Oh well, SJ's camera has auto focus if I get desperate. The colours in that are way off too, I'm still wearing the pastels from last week with black shatter over the top. Helped me get a few extra days out of the colours but it's coming off tomorrow!

And finally, the fish-eye lens. I do love a good fish-eye and I think I'll get the most use out of this one, particularly for fun shots. Much cheaper than getting a fish-eye lens for my DSLR! The random bits and pieces in that photo make my lounge room look messier than it was, I promise!

And finally...what does one wear on an overnight shift where no one sees you?

As close to pjs as you can manage! I'm actually the most 'dressed' person in the office at that moment. There are three of us, two are weather forecasters who work on a regular day/night shift roster. Neither is currently wearing shoes and one is wearing tracksuit pants, they've been here since 7pm..ugh.

I, meanwhile, am wearing my favourite black jeans, just as comfortable as tracksuit pants when you're sitting in an office chair anyway. My comfortable old black boots (I'd be too cold in just socks), a warm dark grey 3/4 sleeve top and my super comfortable Forever New grey fleece trench coat.

I have to admit, I rarely wear this one out. It looks a little like a dressing gown if you do it up. It also has puffing pockets, so tied up it I have super big hips. But it's super comfy and warm enough to help me survive the icy air con and not fall asleep!

Almost 4am now (been writing this between work things over the last two hours). 3 hours left of my shift and not much going on. Maybe it's time for a blog makeover??

PS. Seriously, I am considering a makeover, if you have any suggestions (i.e. is the white on black hard to read?) please let me know.


  1. Sorry I'm not very helpful re blog makeover. Been thinking of doing it for ages but that's as far as it gets.

    Hope you recover well from night shift.

    TDM xx

  2. W on b is perfectly readable, unless it's late at night and you're tired :P, whatever you do just don't use fluro fonts with a rainbow effect XD.

    As for a makeover I'd first start with an inspiration board/folder :)

  3. Oooh I love the shelfing. I seriously need that to keep my pantry organised. The kitchen designer gave me massive shelfs so I have sugar stacked on top of the flour and pasta everywhere. It's an organised Mess! I'll be stealing your idea!