Monday, March 12, 2012

OOTD Blue Jeans

Another quick phone post. I wore my bright blue jeans again yesterday, this time teamed with a black single/cardi, black boots and a red bag and nails. My bag is actually a Harrods one, not the usual grocery bag though, it has pockets and a cut-out heart window.

Did some shopping yesterday, visited Costco for the first time (the whole place made me feel uncomfortable) and bought a basic black dress from Zara which I will share at a later date :-)

Oh and since I can't reply to comments on my phone, thanks to those who have replied to recent posts. In answer to questions on my jacket (think that was from Ess?) it was purchased from a leather shop on Florence, Italy. No idea which one I'm afraid...


  1. Loveeeee the blue colour. Sadly I cannot wear blue jeans like that :(

  2. love the colour! I have a pair myself and I wear them i love the colour it makes me feel all happy hahaha! you've got such great pins! x