Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quick OOTD and Sakura Lounge Review

This is what I wore today, red Kmart jeans, brown boots and bag and blue jumper. Weird photo because I was playing with the fish eye lens.

I didn't manage to sleep much yesterday, so I was rather tired when my friends from Canberra arrived late last night. As a result, I slept in this morning.

Went into the city for brunch on Hardware Lane...wasn't too impressed, my poached eggs had hard yokes :-(

Then I surprised MissA (the newly engaged friend) with a 2.5 hour package at Sakura Lounge around the corner. It was incredible. Included a one hour massage, hour long facial and 30 mins of foot scrub/massage. Cost $290 for the two of us, including an upgrade to a le suisse facial.

I had my massage first, it was a dry massage (towel over body) and really focused on pressure points. One of the best I have had, my hands, neck and scalp got the attention I wanted..once had a full body and they didn't do my hands at all!

The facial was lovely. I haven't had many in my time, but it was the best yet. My skin is looking so great I won't be wearing any foundation when we go out tonight.

Foot massage/scrub was pretty standard, we were in the same room so we got to chat and enjoyed a little Japanese sweet and cup of tea.

All in all a great experience and we were in there almost 3 hours. I will definitely be back and intend to leave a review on womo (word of mouth) even before I noticed a sign saying they won an award for best business on womo for 2011.

We're heading off for dinner soon, I will endeavour to take a better outfit post this time!


  1. Ahh poached eggs with hard yokes are not poached eggs - this is a pet peeve of mine!

    You have made me want a massage, it sounds lovely!

  2. Yay Kmart Jeans. Look great on you. I need to pull mine out. Haven't given them much love as yet.

    1. You should Klara, I wanted them after reading your post! They are super soft too, I'm quite impressed with them.

  3. oh we made a booking for sakura lounge tmr! can't wait for it!!