Thursday, March 22, 2012

Black and White Jackets

I own two black-and-white jackets and I've worn them both over the last two days.

Yesterday's outfit first, houndstooth jacket, black work pants and black collared work shirt.

I hadn't realised, by my entire outfit (with the exception of my Joanne Mercer work shoes) came from Target. This jacket I originally bought for my Europe trip in's old haha

My nails were rocking OPI Big Apple Red. I wore this colour non-stop for the last two weeks (cheating and recoating even!). Matches with the red piping on the inside of the jacket that no one but me sees...

I was also trying out the only red lipstick I own. It's an old Covergirl one called Very Cherry. I'm planning to treat myself to a MAC one soon, figure then I can get the artist advice on the best red for my skin tone (I love MAC Red but don't know if it will be the right fit for me).
The rest of my makeup I left pretty neutral. Hard to tell with the wind though...

Today I am wearing a different black-and-white jacket, this one has newspaper print all over it. No label/designer as I bought it from a market stall.

The rest of my work outfit is similar, black v-neck shirt, black work pants and my Joanne Mercer work shoes (still haven't treated my new PeepToe pairs..)

This jacket has a waterproof advantage over the houndstooth one. But it's not as warm or as 'classic'.

 Makeup-wise I am wearing a slightly darker eye (if you can tell haha) and a nude lip today.

I also finally removed the red polish and have painted a french to let my nails see some light. I also filed them back big time!

Wearing OPI Alpine Snow and a Cutex diamond strength top coat which has little gold flecks you can only see in the bottle...


  1. I love your hair colour! And that target jacket is awesome! xx

    Ps. Love the new blog design!

  2. Loving all the "you" pictures that have been featuring on your blog lately!

    And the red lip is definitely a good look! xx

  3. I have the same jacket (the top one!) I love it!! You're rocking it with the red polish :)

  4. love love love black and white outfits and popping some bright nail polish on (esp big apple red - one of my faves!!)

  5. I love the black and white with the red nail polish suits you perfectly! I do love a good black and white jacket also!

  6. Hi Love! :) I tagged you in a blog entry and would love to read your answers :))

  7. So annoying when it's that windy and your hair flips all over the place! Loving that houndstooth jacket xx

  8. I love both of those jackets. Black and white is always so stylish :)

  9. I have a jacket almost exactly the same as your first one. I got it in Japan and every time I wear it, people can't help but comment, "ohhh you look very David Jones today" *roll eyes*.

  10. I lurrrvvvv houndstooth, and it looks especially gorgeous with the red lippy and nails!

  11. Black white and red is the ultimate chic! As a journalist, I am kind of in love with your second jacket. xx

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