Friday, March 16, 2012

The 5am Post

Since I didn't have time to post yesterday, I am making up for it this morning. I got up especially!


I have been at work since 4am in preparation for expected rain/flooding but nothing is happening and I am finding it difficult to stay awake.

Today SJ and I will be driving to Canberra, straight from when I finish work around midday. We're heading up there because MissA would like me to attend a bridal expo with her. Not expecting it to be too interesting (anyone had a great/bad experience with them?) and it's not a particularly large one, even for Canberra. Thankfully, there will also be fireworks and hot air balloons in my weekend :-)

This was me at the Taylor Swift concert on Tuesday night. There was a Covergirl stand in the foyer offering free lip or eye makeup. I decided to let the artist attempt a red lip on me, I think I quite like it. Definitely matches my OPI Big Apple Red. Any thoughts? I think I need to have applied the rest of my makeup better (i.e. more) to pull it off fully though.

I'm also thinking of going a bit blonder when I finish the 12wbt, though my hair looks quite blonde in that pic, I feel it's looking a little drab.

As for what I am wearing? Yes those are lights. I have a 13 hanging around my neck (Taylor's favourite number). So together, MissA and I looked like this...
No, I didn't go to the effort of making them myself. That would be my sisters, particularly MissT with some assistance from MissE. There was a group of 5 of them attending the Brisbane concert (including my mum) and they all wore letters/hearts...

..and spelled out the words 'Sparks Fly' (song title). This photo was courtesy of a random MissT met in the Taylor Swift forum. I can't credit it correctly, so if she ever happens upon it, please email me and I will do so...

I thought the lights were rather effective so MissT send down a few bits to MissA and I. We did feel rather old in comparison to most of the other attendees though, I just pretended I was 19 and it was all okay.

Well, writing this post has killed 20 minutes. Time to go trawl the forums. Then I think I might get started on that blog makeover I have been talking about (hard though, all my photos are on my laptop at home). If you visit my blog today and notice any changes, please give me your opinion on them :-)

Hope you're all enjoying being asleep...



  1. Wow, the lights are awesome!! Such a good idea!

    What do you do for a job that you work at 4am :S? x

    1. I usually work normal hours, unless it rains. I work in flood forecasting :-)

  2. You totally carry off the red lip!

    Have a great weekend. I've only ever attended one bridal expo, I just remember eating copious amounts of chocolate hearts (every stall had a little bowl!) x

    1. Thanks :-) I think it's an excuse to revisit the MAC counter!

      And I will keep an eye out for chocolate hearts :-) And anything amusing I can blog about...

  3. You rock the red lip honey!!

    I need a blog makeover BADLY but I don't seem to have the time lately :(

  4. Hey lovely lady! I'm baaaaaaaaack!! Just need to find the time to get back into the blogging world now!

    As above, you TOTALLY rock the red lips! Very sexy. Your eyes look so vibrant in that photo too! Love.

    Hope you've been well! xx

  5. Red lip looks amazing on you! I can't wait to see your changes :)

  6. I love the red lip! How awesome that they had a makeup stand there, I've never seen that at a concert. I've never seen Taylor Swift in concert though either!! :P

    The lights look awesome ,what a good idea!

  7. I hope the weather stays nice for Skyfire and the balloons - I know the balloons will only happen subject to weather, not sure about the fireworks!

    PS- I'm hosting a giveaway if you'd like to enter! Click here

  8. First and foremost - After evaluating just how many giveaways you have 'won', I have decided that you have successfully rigged that random number selector thingamajig. If you give me the secret code to breaking it I promise not to sell you out to the FBI. That is all.


    p.s.: love the red lips too!