Sunday, March 11, 2012

Full Saturday Post (and another OOTD)

Just to include a few pics I couldn't post from my phone yesterday. My disappointing poached eggs...SJ is about to cook me some for Sunday breakfast, let's hope they are better ;-)

My full outfit (red jeans, blue jumper, brown accessories). How weird is the fish eye lens? Some major distortion there.

MissA and I heading home after our day. It warmed up a bit so I had to take my jumper off.

MissA and I dressed up for our night out. I'm not sure what she's wearing, was a black dress and cardigan. I'm wearing my beloved white ForeverNew dress, new black MissFern PeepToes, my black leather jacket and carried my LadyCharisma PeepToe bag. Love wearing new things :-)

Here's me on my own so you can see my shoes.

And my shoes under the table. We had dinner at World Restaurant (not too great really). Then a little visit to Crown.

Followed by the Moomba Festival Fireworks.

And finished off the night with a Tutto Bene gelato. Easily the best gelato I have had in Melbourne (can see why it's award winning) will definitely be back.

Oh dear. In other news, my guests have just woken up to discover water on the floor of their room. It appears I bumped one of the laundry taps (in our tiny laundry cupboard) when I put the vacuum away on Friday night and it has been dripping ever since. The corner of the carpet is soaked!



  1. love the leather jacket!! I went to the massage thingy today, she was strong ... too strong for my weak back.

  2. ooh your leather jacket is lovely! Where did you get it?